Month: January 2013

Snorers are more at risk of a heart attack than smokers or obese.

While smoking and being overweight may increase your risk of a heart attack, scientists have flagged snoring as a not-so-silent killer.

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Demand for Anti-ageing Cosmetic Treatments Soars in the UK

Recently published figures from BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) show that with a 0.2% increase in UK Plastic Surgery procedures as a whole, some anti-ageing procedures saw double-digit increases in 2012, with Facial Rejuvenation treatments (Eyelid surgery and Brow lifts) and Fat Transfer experiencing the highest growth in demand.

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Has ‘Mr. Selfridge’ had a Hair Transplant?

With growing attention on current Mr. Selfridge, rumours have made way that Jeremy Piven is on the Celeb Hair Transplant list.

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Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe: Twitter Q&A

Last week we held a live Twitter web chat with plastic surgeon, Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe, who took to The Private Clinic Twitter feed to answer your questions about Liposuction, Breast Enhancement procedures using Fat Transfer and Plastic Surgery in general.

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The ‘Wobbly Bits Facelift’

This week The Private Clinic featured in the Mail Online in connection with a new type of Volume Enhancing Facial Treatment that is currently making waves in the UK.

Twitter Q&A: Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe

This Thursday (17th January), we are delighted to welcome world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe, to our Twitter feed as part of a Live Q&A session.

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Recent stats show a huge increase in male ‘moob’ reduction procedures

This week The Private Clinic featured in the Mail Online having released statistics that show that the number of men opting to get rid of their so-called man boobs, has grown by a huge 38% in the last year.

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A Smile is a Curve That Sets Everything Straight: Could Botox Jabs be the Answer to Clinical Depression?

Could Botox jabs be the latest weapon in treating severe depression? According to a recent Daily Mail article, US scientists believe so…

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As women look for ‘tache removal, more men are turning to facial hair transplants to help them grow the ‘tache they never had

Those who are a little challenged in the facial hair department are starting to resort to cosmetic surgery to attain a bushy lip specimen.
Last week’s Guardian news reported that there is now an increasing number of Middle Eastern men opting for hair transplants to grow a moustache. Hair Transplants have long been offered to those who are thin on top, but now facial hair implants are gaining in popularity, with Turkey at the top of the cosmetic tourism hub list.

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Welcome 2013 – Bring on the new, regulated Cosmetic Surgery industry

As we are now officially on our way into 2013, we are fast approaching the Parliamentary review, which is scheduled for publication in March 2013. The review was called for in wake of the major PIP breast implant scandal, which left over 40,000 women in the UK, with faulty breast implants, with nowhere to turn to. It’s not just the public and governmental figures that are calling for these regulations, but some medical groups, such as us (The Private Clinic) are in full support of the recommended guidelines and policies.

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