The cost of Hair Restoration

It can be rather scary when your hair starts thinning and even more so if it escalates into full-blown Hair Loss. The good thing is that you no longer have to just sit there and accept your fate. Medical advances have made it possible to restore thinning hair, while surgical breakthroughs allow for individual hairs… Continue reading The cost of Hair Restoration

Tough and Rugged: FUE Beard Transplants

Among all the features that represent masculinity, facial hair is one that is often thought as the most obvious trait that a man can possess – so it’s certainly no surprise that FUE Hair Transplants are popular for men that desire a thicker and more dense beard. New York has seen a boom in facial… Continue reading Tough and Rugged: FUE Beard Transplants

FUE Hair Transplant Pricing

We understand that the price of any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment plays a substantial role in the consideration process for anyone wanting a hair transplant. While you should always pay attention to the pricing structures offered to you for a hair transplant, you need to always keep that factor secondary to the quality of care… Continue reading FUE Hair Transplant Pricing

Checklist: Hair Transplant Consultation Questions To Ask

Knowing what to ask in a Hair Transplant consultation can be overwhelming so we wanted to make it easy for potential patients to get the information they need. We thought a checklist of questions could help potential patients get to grips with what we offer and why. Below are a number of questions we recommend… Continue reading Checklist: Hair Transplant Consultation Questions To Ask

As women look for ‘tache removal, more men are turning to facial hair transplants to help them grow the ‘tache they never had

Those who are a little challenged in the facial hair department are starting to resort to cosmetic surgery to attain a bushy lip specimen.
Last week’s Guardian news reported that there is now an increasing number of Middle Eastern men opting for hair transplants to grow a moustache. Hair Transplants have long been offered to those who are thin on top, but now facial hair implants are gaining in popularity, with Turkey at the top of the cosmetic tourism hub list.

FUE Hair Restoration Treatment on Afro Hair

Last month English supermodel, Naomi Campbell, was pictured on holiday in Ibiza sporting a dramatic receding hairline. Naomi has always looked picture perfect with her shiny long locks, but she was barely recognisable in her recent holiday photos. See story on here. Like Naomi, many people with naturally afro hair are constantly battling with their… Continue reading FUE Hair Restoration Treatment on Afro Hair