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Earlier this week we hosted a live Twitter Q&A session with our Hair Transplant surgeon, on all things hair transplant related.
During the hour-long session, our followers, from across social channels, sent in their hair loss, balding, hair transplant and treatment questions. Our #AskDr topic was trending, thanks to the amount of hair loss and hair transplant information exchanged during our session.
Dr. is a highly experienced surgeon, having performed over 2,000 hair transplant procedures to date, for both men and women. She is one of the few doctors able to carry our hair restoration treatments for patients with afro-Caribbean hair. She is also specialised in reparative procedures, treating scars caused by the traditional Strip procedure, or FUT.
For those who missed the Twitter session, we have included the full transcript below.
Please note: There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to hair loss and hair transplants. Every patient is assessed individually when they visit us at the Clinic. Dr Kouremada Zioga’s answers below are a general guideline to hair loss and hair transplant procedures, however we will be able to offer a more concise analysis during a consultation.
Introductory Tweets
Hello there, it’s Dr @thomykouremada here. I will be answering your hair related questions today for the next hour #AskDrZioga
If you have a question, tweet in using the hashtag #AskDrZioga and I will be happy to help. Thanks!
Ok, here is the first question… #AskDrZioga
.@PRinLondon asks: After seeing pictures of Wayne Rooney’s transplant, I was wondering if it hurt? #AskDrZioga
A: No @PRinLondon, the transplant is pain-free. There are a few additional techniques that I… #AskDrZioga
A:…have perfected to ensure that it is as painless as possible #AskDrZioga

.@PRinLondon asks: You know when you have a hair transplant, is it a one off? #AskDrZioga
A: It depends if the hair loss is stable or not, the density the patient wants to achieve and the size of the area treated. #AskDrZioga

.@PRinLondon asks: I have curly hair, if I got a transplant, can I curl the hair? #AskDrZioga
A: As it is your own hair implanted into the problem area, it will grow the same as your pre-existing hair #AskDrZioga

Saragi on Facebook asks: could I have a hair transplant without taking finasteride before? #AskDrZioga
A: I prescribe Finesteride only when necessary to prevent further hair loss #AskDrZioga
A: It is possible to have a transplant without taking Finasteride prior to the procedure #AskDrZioga

Andy by email asks: How long does it take for a hair transplant to look like my hair? #AskDrZioga
A: For final hair growth, you will need to wait approx. 1 year. From the time of the procedure implanted hair will look natural #AskDrZioga

Fifi asks: I’ve read it’s normal to lose hair after pregnancy…13 months after and I’m still losing lots… #AskDrZioga
Fifi: …I’ve got regrowth coming but it’s still huge amounts coming out when I wash my hair or brush it! #AskDrZioga
Fifi: …When will it stop and do you seek treatments? #AskDrZioga
A: Many women suffer hair loss after pregnancy, most of the time it has to do with other factors (not permanent) such as…#AskDrZioga
A:..stress or anaemia. I advise that you get your blood tested for anaemia and iron deficiency etc #AskDrZioga
A:… if blood tests are ok, why not come and visit us for a consultation? #AskDrZioga

DD by email: After a hair transplant, will my hair look like it used to? How long until I see results? #AskDrZioga
A: You will see full results in a year. The hairline will look 100% natural and will suit your age progressions. #AskDrZioga

We are now half way through the Q&A, if you have a hair related question, let us know! #AskDrZioga

.CareForYourHair: What have you found the most common cause of hair loss among women? Especially those that are Afro-Caribbean? #AskDrZioga
A: The most common cause is traction alopecia in women with afro-carribean hair. The way that they style their hair weaves.. #AskDrZioga
A:…cornrows, braids etc, pulls on the hair and can lead to permanent hair loss #AskDrZioga

.@CareForYourHair Are there any words of advice to avoid hair loss before it gets to the serious stage of needing a transplant? #AskDrZioga
A: To slow the rate of hair loss, I advise you use minoxidill and/or Finasteride, 1mg per day (only for men)… #AskDrZioga
A:…Please consult with your doctor first #AskDrZioga

.@CareForYourHair asks: Can anyone get a transplant or is there a criteria? #AskDrZioga
A: It depends mainly on the donor area, in some cases we can use body hair… #AskDrZioga
A:…Every patient is treated on a case by case basis. Not everyone is a good candidate. #AskDrZioga

.@CareForYourHair asks: How long do the transplants take? #AskDrZioga
A: The length of a transplant depends on the number of hairs required. Typically my procedures last 2-6 hours per day. #AskDrZioga

.@CareForYourHair asks: Are there any side effects? How traumatic is this procedure on the rest of the body? #AskDrZioga
A:Side effects: Light swelling, bruising, infection etc, is very rare for my procedures. It is a minimally invasive procedure… #AskDrZioga
A:..My procedure micro-FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, with no down time or required recovery time #AskDrZioga

.@CareForYourHair asks: Are the results consistent over different ethnicities and hair types? #AskDrZioga
A: The result will mainly depend on the person and not the type of hair #AskDrZioga

Laura on Facebook asks: How do you get your hair to grow long? #AskDrZioga
A: Each person has their own rate of hair growth. Vitamin E helps and it is very important to use a good chemical free shampoo #AskDrZioga

.@jade__blog: are double hair whorls on the crown an early sign of hair loss/thinning? #AskDrZioga
A: No it is not a sign #AskDrZioga

Closing the Session
Sadly that is all we have time for today. Thanks so much for all of your questions! #AskDrZioga
To find out more information about hair loss and hair transplant procedures, please visit our website.