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Have a read of some of our inspirational stories from our lovely patients and find out how they look and feel.

Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelid Surgery Patient Review
Blepharoplasty – Bernadette
Bernadette’s Blepharoplasty Patient Story Bernadette started to notice that her eyes caused her to look tired in appearance and she had given up wearing eye shadow as her eye lids were so heavy it wasn’t noticeable anymore. She decided… Continue reading
bunion correction surgery minimally invasive patient review story michelle mobile
Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery – Michelle
Michelle first became aware of her bunions in her 50s but at this time they were very small and not bothering her too much. It wasn’t until she had an accident and damaged her knee resulting in surgery that… Continue reading
bunion correction surgery minimally invasive patient review story karen mobile
Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery – Karen
Karen first noticed the signs of bunions on her feet after she left secondary school. Her parents had always ensured that she had the best quality shoes from Clarks with laces and although they fitted well, they had always… Continue reading
breast augmentation enlargement surgery patient story review lucy
Breast Augmentation – Lucy
Lucy aged 24 decided to enhance the size of her bust with a Breast Enlargement with Mr Adrian Richards at The Private Clinic. Lucy had been doing a lot of research before deciding to go ahead with her Breast Augmentation surgery…. Continue reading
preservation rhinoplasty nose job london chloe patient story review 2
Preservation Rhinoplasty – Chloe
Growing up, Chloe had always been conscious of the appearance of her nose. Now aged 25 she finally felt the time was right to look into surgical options to help improve the appearance of it. “My nose is the… Continue reading
breast implant removal and replacement surgery mobile 1
Breast Implant Replacement – Toula
Toula Rose had always wanted a breast augmentation procedure after feeling small chested throughout her teens. At 22 years old Toula finally decided to go ahead with the procedure and had 325cc moderate plus implants. Toula never felt happy… Continue reading
alex male chest reduction vaser liposuction patient review story 360x240 1
CoolSculpting for Men – Alex
Alex leads a busy lifestyle but still finds the time to visit the gym and keep fit. However; he noticed that certain areas on his body were not changing despite his determination and dedication leaving him feeling a little… Continue reading
coolsculpting fat freezing helen patient review story thumbnail
CoolSculpting – Helen
Helen was dedicated to training 6 days a week but recently had been left feeling disappointed with her committed efforts as she was struggling to loose areas of stubborn fat on her abdomen. Helen started to look into treatments… Continue reading
coolsculpting fat freezing dean patient review story thumbnail
CoolSculpting Men – Dean
As a busy father of 2, Dean was putting almost any spare time he had into keeping fit at the gym but couldn’t help feeling disappointed by his efforts. Despite visiting the gym 6 times a week, he still… Continue reading
FUE Hair Transplant – Greg Eden
Greg Eden is an English professional rugby league for the Castleford Tigers. He came to visit us at our clinic in Leeds to discuss his concerns with his hairline. Greg had been considering a hair transplant for the past… Continue reading
FUE hair transplant procedure steven
FUE Hair Transplant – Steve
Steve Ashworth is a Patient Coordinator at our Birmingham Clinic and aged 33 he decided to have a FUE Hair Transplant procedure with Dr Michail Mouzakis. “I first decided that a FUE Hair Transplant was the right procedure for… Continue reading
varicose vein steve
Varicose Veins – Steve
Steve is a keen cyclist and member of Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club. However during long rides he found his legs were often cramping up causing him pain and discomfort. Steve had first noticed varicose veins on his legs over… Continue reading
acne scarring ipl chemical peel dermaroller sabrina patient story review mobile
Acne Scarring – Sabrina
Sabrina is a model and actress living in London. Sabrina has previously struggled with adult acne that had left her skin with scarring, redness and pigmentation and was seeking treatment to help improve the overall appearance of her skin…. Continue reading
abdominoplasty tummy tuck plastic surgery UK mobile 2
Tummy Tuck – Stella
For years Stella had struggled with her weight leading to periods of depression, comfort eating and joint pain. When her excess weight started to affect her health including severe asthma she knew she had to make a big change… Continue reading
venaseal varicose vein removal treatment london clinic martin patient story review
Varicose Vein Removal – Martin
Martin Evans, 36 had been suffering with varicose veins since his teenage years 20 years ago. Martin first started to notice the initial signs of varicose veins when started to work in restaurants aged 16 and was on his… Continue reading
patient stories emily breast reduction
Breast Reduction – Emily
Emily is 22 years old and had a bilaterial breast reduction with Medical Director, Mr Adrian Richards at the Shelburne Hospital. Watch Emily’s video and find out more about her reasons for deciding on surgery and how it has changed her… Continue reading
tribal ear correction stretched lobe repair before after photos sam patient review story
Tribal Earlobe Repair – Sam
Inspired by his heavy metal heroes, Sam first had his tribal ear piercings put in when he was 12 years old. Now aged 21, he has decided he wants them out and restored back to their original appearance. Sam… Continue reading
eye lift eye bag removal eyelid surgery blepharoplasty mobile
Blepharoplasty – Deborah
When Deborah attended one of her regular beauty appointments and they started to use tape to hold up her upper eye area, she knew that she needed to do something about it. After researching all of the possible options… Continue reading
rhinoplasty nose reshaping nose job luca patient story review mobile
Rhinoplasty – Luca
Luca is a scrub nurse working and living in London. Luca had always felt self-conscious of his nose and after experiencing breathing issues he knew he was going to have to have surgery anyway so decided to look into… Continue reading
breast aumentation enlargement rebecca implants
Breast Augmentation – Rebecca
Rebecca, 34 decided to enhance her appearance with a Breast Enlargement. After lots of research online Rebecca finally decided to come and visit The Private Clinic with a local clinic nearby to her home it was the perfect option…. Continue reading
alex vaser liposuction male chest reduction patient review story
Vaser Liposuction Gynecomastia – Alex
Alex Clair is a patient co-ordinator at The Private Clinic in Manchester. Back in 2017, Alex weighed 19 stone and was feeling un-confident and unhappy with his appearance.  Over the next 7 months Alex lost 4 stone and completely… Continue reading

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