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Toula Rose had always wanted a breast augmentation procedure after feeling small chested throughout her teens. At 22 years old Toula finally decided to go ahead with the procedure and had 325cc moderate plus implants.

Toula never felt happy with the results of her procedure and felt she looked out of proportion and wanted a much smaller and more natural looking breast shape. She waited for a year after her surgery in the hope that they would drop and settle but they remained in a high prominent position which she disliked.

Doing her research into breast re-augmentation she came across The Private Clinic and had a consultation with expert breast surgeon; Mr Navid Jallali. During her consultation, Mr Jallali went through all the possible implant sizes that Toula could downsize too based on her original breast pocket size. This allowed Toula to make a much more informed decision about her implant size, shape and profile options that she felt she didn’t have the option of previously.

After going through her realistic expectations with her surgeon, she finally decided on 210cc moderate profile implants and Mr Jallali also agreed to perform a scar revision on her previous breast surgery scar which had healed poorly.

On the day of surgery, Toula was feeling excited to finally get her implants removed but nervous after having had a bad recovery from her previous procedure but felt reassured by the team that awaited her at our London Fitzroy Hospital.

The morning following her Breast Implant Exchange procedure, Toula was pleased to feel well and much better than she was following her original procedure and was ready to return home to start her recovery process.

“My recovery was really smooth, within a couple of weeks I was pretty much back to my every day activities”

Now over 6 weeks on from her implant exchange procedure, Toula is overwhelmed by how different her chest looks and feels so much more in proportion.

“I could straight away see that they were a lot smaller and softer from what they were before”

Living her life online as a social media influencer, Toula decided to share her story on her social media accounts and was amazed by the positive responses she got and surprised at how many other people were in the same position as her feeling unhappy with the size of their breast implants.

“I was very conscious of how big I felt my boobs looked and I never wore low cut tops or outfits that would accentuate them but I now find myself shopping and looking at clothes that I maybe wouldn’t have before. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident now”