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Have a read of some of our inspirational stories from our lovely patients and find out how they look and feel.

rhinoplasty nose reshaping nose job luca patient story review mobile
Rhinoplasty – Luca
Luca is a scrub nurse working and living in London. Luca had always felt self-conscious of his nose and after experiencing breathing issues he knew he was going to have to have surgery anyway so decided to look into… Continue reading
breast aumentation enlargement rebecca implants
Breast Augmentation – Rebecca
Rebecca, 34 decided to enhance her appearance with a Breast Enlargement. After lots of research online Rebecca finally decided to come and visit The Private Clinic with a local clinic nearby to her home it was the perfect option…. Continue reading
alex vaser liposuction male chest reduction patient review story
Vaser Liposuction Gynecomastia – Alex
Alex Clair is a patient co-ordinator at The Private Clinic in Manchester. Back in 2017, Alex weighed 19 stone and was feeling un-confident and unhappy with his appearance.  Over the next 7 months Alex lost 4 stone and completely… Continue reading
thread spider veins removal treatment anthea
Thread Vein Removal – Anthea
When Anthea was first considering surgery she sought the advice of a trusted friend, who is a doctor herself. She was told that the man to see was Mr Adrian Richards. Ever since she met Adrian all those years… Continue reading
breast aumentation enlargement maisie implants
Breast Augmentation – Maisie
Maisie, 21 has undergone a Breast Enlargement procedure at The Private Clinic with Mr Adrian Richards. After a lot of research online, Maisie decided to visit The Private Clinic for a consultation with Mr Richards after being recommended by… Continue reading
EVLA phlebectomy varicose vein removal jen patient story review
Varicose Veins – Jen
Jen had been feeling insecure about her legs for a long time but since she noticed varicose veins starting to appear she has felt even worse as no amount of diet or exercise was going to reduce the appearance… Continue reading
patient stories esther tummy tuck
Tummy Tuck – Esther
Esther is 55 years old and had tummy tuck surgery with The Private Clinic. Watch Esther’s video and find out more about her reasons for deciding on surgery and how it has changed her life. I wear my jeans with confidence… Continue reading
hair transplant FUE procedure doug
FUE Hair Transplant – Doug
Douglas is a boxing MC from Glasgow and travelled down to our Birmingham clinic from Glasgow to have a FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Michail Mouzakis. Doug originally started to notice his hairline receding in his late twenties and… Continue reading
dermal filler treatment to tear trough, cheeks, mouth and chin results
Eyebags, Face Contour, Cheeks/Jawline Fillers – Agnes
Agnes, a London-based receptionist, wanted to refresh her look while bringing out her own distinctive features. As a confident 37-year-old, she wanted to accentuate the flattering features of her face like her naturally contoured high cheekbones and striking eyes…. Continue reading
dermal filler treatment to under eyes and jawline
Jawline/Undereye Fillers – Luke
Luke, a Leeds-based content creator and photographer, decided to improve his appearance with the help of uplifting dermal fillers. For some time, he has been concerned by the visible look of his undereye area. This prompted him to seek… Continue reading
dermal filler treatment to cheek, mouth and jawline
Cheek, Smiling Lines and Chin Fillers – Maggie
Maggie, a patient care specialist from London, wanted to refresh her face with a dermal filler treatment. As a healthy, active woman in her mid-thirties, she is generally happy with the quality of her overall face. However, she wanted… Continue reading
8 point lift treatment before and after photo
Liquid Facelift – Fiona
Fiona is a 58-year-old patient advisor in London who wanted to revitalise her lower face with a liquid facelift. Concerned about sagging skin across her cheeks, jowls and lower face, she wanted to seek out a minimally invasive procedure… Continue reading
patietn stories aurelie laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal – Aurelie
Aurelie is a 38 year old transgender woman and has had over 20 treatments of Laser Hair Removal at our London City clinic. Watch Aurelie’s video and find out more about her reasons for deciding on treatment and how it has… Continue reading
split earlobe repair surgery sonia
Split Earlobe Repair – Sonia
Sonia came to visit us at The Private Clinic after damaging her right earlobe over 10 years ago. The constant wear of hooped earrings was causing Sonia’s lobes to stretch and eventually her right earlobe unfortunately split. “I used… Continue reading
stories breast augmentation vicky the private clinic
Breast Augmentation – Vicky
Vicky is a blogger for the BikiniGirlsDiary, personal trainer and writer and her lifestyle focuses heavily around fitness and health. Vicky first considered breast augmentation after her first fitness bikini competition. Training for the competition involves training hard in the gym… Continue reading
laser acne treatments acne treatment adult acne lindsey
Acne Treatment – Lindsey
Lindsey is a 30 year old fashion blogger and physiotherapist living in London. She started to have trouble with her skin aged 27 after coming off of the contraceptive pill a few years ago and soon found herself struggling… Continue reading
abdominoplasty barbara tummy tuck patient story 1
Abdominoplasty – Barbara
After having two children, Barbara found herself with excess skin around her lower abdomen. After meeting with Mr Adrian Richards she decided to go ahead with an abdominoplasty to remove the excess skin. “I’d say it changed me by… Continue reading
breast aumentation enlargement amy implants
Breast Augmentation – Amy
Amy aged 28 decided to have Breast Enlargement surgery after having her two children. Amy felt her breast size had reduced and just wanted to restore the natural volume of her bust. Amy decided on The Private Clinic after… Continue reading
abdominoplasty marie patient story tummy tuck surgery
Abdominoplasty – Marie
Marie found herself struggling with her weight for many years and despite getting to the size she wanted she was left with excessive skin on her tummy. Marie decided to visit Mr Adrian Richards for an abdominoplasty procedure and… Continue reading
breast augmentation implants kim 32a to 32d
Breast Augmentation – Kim
Kim went from a 32D to a 32A after breastfeeding her 3 children. After deciding it was time to do something for herself she researched breast enlargement surgery and a number of surgeons before deciding to visit Aurora part… Continue reading
breast augmentation aysha areola reduction breast uplift
Breast Augmentation with Uplift – Aysha
Aysha aged 30 felt that her breasts were looking empty after breast feeding her 2 children. Her confidence had really been affected but after seeing Mr Adrian Richards for a breast enlargement with uplift consultation she decided to share… Continue reading

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