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For years Stella had struggled with her weight leading to periods of depression, comfort eating and joint pain. When her excess weight started to affect her health including severe asthma she knew she had to make a big change for the sake of her health and family.

Stella started a weight loss plan which included making adjustments to her diet, introducing a fitness regime and signing up a weight loss program which resulted in her going from 17 stone to 9 stone 7lbs losing over 8 stone in weight.

Stella was over the moon with her weight loss however she was not feeling as confident about the excessive amount of skin left around her stomach which is a very common problem for those who lose a dramatic amount of weight.

“It was beginning to have a huge impact on my life. I was embarrassed about how ugly my stomach looked and I was uncomfortable in my underwear in front of my partner.”

Despite her impressive weight loss, Stella was still not feeling 100% confident with her body and her dream of being able to wear a bikini seemed impossible.

Stella started to look into ways to help reduce loose skin after weight loss and came across The Private Clinic’s website and their tummy tuck/abdominoplasty procedure. Stella made an appointment to see Mr Adrian Richards to discuss her options.

After meeting with Mr Richards at The Private Clinic in London Harley Street, she knew this procedure was what was going to give her the stomach she dreamed off and booked in for the procedure.

Arriving at our London Fitzroy hospital Stella felt nervous but excited and ready to start the next stage of her body makeover.

“The procedure was absolutely nowhere near as scary or painful than I imagined it would be; the surgery is so advanced, I had no drain fitted and certainly no complications.”

Taking it easy after a tummy tuck procedure is vital to ensuring your results are the best they can be. During the first 2 weeks it was important that Stella got as much rest as possible.

“If I listened to my body, then the healing was quick. The pain and swelling gradually became less and less and I only needed to take two weeks off work which I was surprised about.”

Now a few months after her procedure, Stella was finally confident to wear a bikini on holiday, something that she never thought she would be able to do.



“It’s given me the shape and beautiful flat stomach that I’ve always dreamed of having and the result is amazing. My advice to everyone out there would be to go for it!”


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