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Alex Clair is a patient co-ordinator at The Private Clinic in Manchester.

Back in 2017, Alex weighed 19 stone and was feeling un-confident and unhappy with his appearance.  Over the next 7 months Alex lost 4 stone and completely changed his body shape through eating healthier foods and exercising more. But despite this huge achievement, he was still feeling unhappy with his appearance, this time because of another reason.

Gynecomastia is a common condition that can affect 15% of adult men in the UK. After losing weight, Alex found his chest not reducing in size which led him to believe he was suffering with gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’ and started to look for a way to help him reduce the size of his chest.

“After having a stern word with myself I managed to change my eating habits and join a Strength and Conditioning Gym (Bury Strength and Conditioning). Over 7 Months I lost 4 stone and completely changed my body shape. But, still I was left with ‘Moobs’ every man’s nightmare! This is when I looked further into VASER Liposuction.”

Vaser Liposuction is often the preferred choice for men looking to reduce the size of their chest. The recovery time is minimal compared to other surgical procedures and the procedure is performed as a day-case meaning you are able to go home and recover afterwards in the luxury of your own home and surroundings.

Having been working at The Private Clinic for a short while, Alex had seen plenty of happy patients having Vaser Liposuction week after week which helped Alex to decide that this was the procedure for him.

Alex booked in for a consultation with Dr. During the consultation Dr informed Alex of what the procedure involved on a step-by-step basis. He checked the areas that Alex wanted treated to make sure he wouldn’t be creating loose skin which is better treated by a surgical option. Dr also went through the risks and side effects of the procedure making Alex feel reassured that he was in safe hands and fully aware of everything that could happen.

“I felt so at ease with Dr and I wouldn’t have gone with any other surgeon. I opted for VASER Liposuction as the idea of a GA (General Anaesthetic) or Sedation worries me as I am a natural worrier and I like to be in control. Having this procedure under LA (Local Anaesthetic) and the less downtime was very appealing to someone like me.”

In the months leading up to his procedure Alex continued to work hard on ensuring his body was the best it could be and although he felt very nervous he was ready to get rid of the area of his body that he had felt self-conscious of for so long and finally start to appreciate the body that he had worked so hard for and put the effort in to achieve.

“This was a part of my body I had hated for so long! I just wanted it gone and over and done with.”

On the day of the procedure Alex met with Dr to go over any last questions and queries before being taken down to the theatre to be marked up by Dr before starting the procedure. Vaser Liposuction was performed to Alex’s chest and underarm area.

Later on in the day, Alex arrived back home following his procedure.

“I was feeling quite sleepy, tired and slightly painful. The 3 nights after were a struggle to sleep as I normally sleep on my front but this had to change for my back. I got a V shaped pillow which made this easier to sleep and the pain relief tablets I was provided really helped. Id personally says it was more discomfort than physical pain.”

Overall Alex found the recovery process smooth once he had gotten used to his new sleeping position and wearing the compression garment.

“After Vaser Liposuction you are given a compression garment to wear; I won’t lie, it was slightly uncomfortable for the first few days until my stitches came out and id gotten used to it but then after the first week I never wanted to take it off. I even considered wearing it longer than needed if I went on a night out to give me more shape!”

Alex had originally lost 4 stone over 7 months by living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Once recovered from the Vaser procedure Alex was pleased to find out that overall he had dropped a dress size from a XXXL TOP to an M/L and from a trousers size of 40 to a 32 and was ecstatic with his results and relieved that he finally felt like himself again.

We asked Alex how this procedure has changed him;

“This procedure has changed me for life! I can finally feel confident to take my top off on holiday and can comfortably wear t-shirts without having to hide in black baggy tops! It’s completely changed my look; it’s made me love me more.”

“I could not recommend this procedure enough to anyone and everyone. I show everyone my before and after pictures and explain the full procedure. This affects men all shapes and sizes.  I’ve seen slim men, buff men and plus size men with these issues it’s not something to hide away from – something can be done! Be the best you and do it! – It’s 1hour and 15 mins of my life that I will never forget as it’s changed my life.”

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