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Jourdan Dunn wears wigs because of hair loss

Jourdan Dunn is one of the most envied women in the world when it comes to how she looks; as a Victoria’s Secret angel and high-end model, she’s rarely seen looking anything less than perfect. However, while her grooming regime

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Is Hair Transplantation a long term solution for hair loss?

Up to 50% of men have experienced some form of hair loss by the age of 50, with many seeing signs of thinning in their 20s, 30s and even late teens. It’s no wonder then that FUE hair transplants have become

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Checklist: Hair Transplant Consultation Questions To Ask

Knowing what to ask in a Hair Transplant consultation can be overwhelming so we wanted to make it easy for potential patients to get the information they need. We thought a checklist of questions could help potential patients get to

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Is Rihanna Losing Her Hair? Singer Shows Signs of Hair Loss

Rihanna, the world famous Bajan beauty and singer, is reportedly showing signs of hair loss. Known for her striking and beautiful hairstyles, the hairpieces and weaves she may have become accustomed to could be damaging her hair, leading to hair

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Hair Loss Survey Reveals Nearly 50% of Men Would Shorten Their Life to Avoid Being Bald

What would you do to make sure you never went bald? A new survey reveals that over 30% of men are more worried about going bald than erectile dysfunction and nearly 50% said they would be willing to live shorter

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Female Hair Loss: MP Nadine Dorries opens up about losing hair as a woman

Hair loss can have a big impact on a woman. Whether it alopecia totalis or, more commonly, thinning hair, hair loss can happen in a number of ways for a number of reasons. Nadine Dorries, controversial Tory MP, who appeared

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The Top 10 Things You Should Know about Hair Transplants

Your Confidence. Your Social Life. Your Hair. BRING IT BACK! Hair Transplants can be a great way to boost confidence, helping you look and feel better for your age. Hair Transplants can also be done badly – something we wanted

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Understanding Hair Loss Medication – Propecia and Minoxidil

Hair loss is a daunting topic for many people and can often be the cause of deteriorating self-confidence.

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