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Our Hair Transplant surgery reviews are just a sample of testimonials from our hair transplant patients and we have hundreds of other patients who have been happy and satisfied with their results, service and care.

We collect reviews via Trustpilot and Google. Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of expertise, care, service and advice to ensure that our patients hair transplant experience is a positive one.

Read what our patients have to say about our clinic.

Gary – April 2022

“Whilst only 7 months since my FUE, the results so far are very pleasing and a weight lifted from my shoulders – looking forward to seeing the remaining results. Dr Mouzakis and his team were incredibly thorough and never left me in any doubt as to what to expect. The process from original consultation through to aftercare was impressive, exemplified by a couple of months after my FUE, when I experienced a sore small spot in the recipient area, but having contacted the aftercare nurse who prescribed some ointment, it soon cleared up. Highly recommended.” 

Daniel – April 2022

“Everything about my experience has been excellent and pain free. The procedure was comfortable and the team were considerate at all times, the after care has been constant and efficient not to mention seamless. Most importantly I am delighted with the results. I Would highly recommend Mr Mouzakis and his team. Truly excellent. Thank you Mr Mouzakis” 

Mark – February 2022

“Dr Raja and his team (Umar and Shiva) showed the highest level of care and attention towards me throughout my procedure. They quickly put me at my ease and any feelings of anxiety and nervousness I had dissipated as a result of their calm and reassuring demeanour. I felt safe and in their hands.” 

Bob – January 2022

“Very satisfied with the results. I have been walked through every step by this professional team which made the whole process easy…thanks all, I’m very very happy.” 

James – January 2022

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the service I received from Dr Furqan Raja at the Private Clinic. I had been considering a hair transplant for a while and after just 1 consultation I felt sure this was the right place to get the procedure. Dr Raja was clear, honest and confident throughout in the results I could expect and made sure to provide me with the most natural look as possible, even going as far as to show me how unnatural my expectations would look. I My nerves were replace by excitement almost immediately. On the day of the procedure I was sat in my own private room before being moved into a very comfortable surgery room with a television. The procedure itself is absolutely pain-free (once you get over the initial anaesthetic injections which can be a little uncomfortable). The whole procedure was split into 3 parts over 6 hours with breaks in between and lunch provided. every effort was made to keep me comfortable throughout – I slept for roughly 4 hours out of the 6 as there was such little discomfort. I was sent home with all the aftercare I needed including pain relief (which I only needed for the first day) and the aftercare plan was easy to follow for the week. I was fascinated by how quickly everything had healed. After 7-10 days almost all scabs had fallen off and I was left able to gently was my hair as normal. I am not 8 month post-surgery and have had 3 face to face consultations with Dr Raja in that time to check on progress. I now have a full head of hair with a completely natural look – Nobody can tell I have had a hair transplant. The procedure has completely changed my life and I am in awe of the results. To anyone who is considering a hair transplant, I would urge you to book a consultation with Dr Raja – You’ll never look back!” 

Richard – December 2021

“Really professional service and friendly staff, Dr Raja explained everything in detail which ran really smoothly, going for my second follow up next year to see the final results, pleased with the result so far.”

Antony – December 2021

“My name is Antony and I would like to leave a review for the clinic in Manchester. After doing some research on the FUE hair transplant procedure I decided to go with the Private Clinic in Manchester and I am very happy with the results and I am confident I made the right decision. Dr Raja and his team have been great and extremely helpful throughout, from initial consultation, through to the procedure and aftercare. I had FUE & Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment on the frontal areas as my hair had receded quite significantly, and after six months I can already see significant growth and my confidence has increased because of this. I was initially nervous about the procedure but Dr Raja immediately put me at ease through his professionalism and care. I didn’t feel any pressure to go with the clinic as the whole team from reception to the surgeon were very easy going, friendly and helpful, and this is one of the main positives I can take from the experience, even though there were many. Thanks again to all the team!” 

Anon – December 2021

“I am a female, aged 47, who had hair recession that was causing me great distress. As soon as I met the lovely Michael Mouzakis and his kind, friendly team I felt that I was in good hands – and I really was. Everything was explained with great clarity. The transplant itself was almost painless and it was easy to follow the instructions as to aftercare. 7 months later I have a brilliant result. This procedure was one of the best investments I ever made and I highly recommend it to anybody who has lost confidence owing to hair loss.” 

Philip – November 2021

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the level of care I have received at The Private Clinic in Manchester regarding my hair transplant, carried out six months agony Dr Raj. He and his supporting staff were excellent in their approach to patient care and a high level of expertise in carrying out the procedure and follow-up. Highly recommended.” *

Edward – November 2021

“I had an FUE procedure with Mr Michael Mouzakis in January 2021. Mr Mouzakis and his team were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I had a consultation with Mr Mouzakis where he outlined his plan for my hair transplant, but the finished result was far better. His team made me feel comfortable and took care of my ever need over a two day period. I am now 10 months post-op and I am seeing amazing results. A huge thank you to the team and I highly recommend them.” 

JJ – November 2021

“I underwent a two day hair transplant procedure with Mr Michael Mouzakis at the Private Clinic in Harley Street in July 2021. Four months on and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far which look entirely natural and no-one has been able to tell that I had a procedure. I understand that the results will continue to improve over the next 12 months or so. Being very anxious on the day of the procedure, Mr Mouzakis was able to set my mind at rest in a calm and caring manner. I cannot recommend Mr Mouzakis and his brilliant team highly enough and only wish I had the procedure a few years earlier!” 

Marcus – September 2021

“I had an FUE hair transplant with Mr Mouzakis about 4 months ago and am already really pleased with the results. As well as a receding hairline, I had scarring from an accident as a toddler. This made my hairline and density across the front asymmetrical, which I was self-conscious of for decades. I eventually had a consultation with Michael and he was clear and honest in setting my expectations and discussing the risks involved, but overall felt that the results should be good. During the procedure, I was extremely well looked after by the whole team and was provided good post-operative care instruction. There was a risk that the implanted hair might not take as well on the scar tissue, but the hair was packed as dense as possible to mitigate this and I’m thrilled to say that the scarring from my accident is no longer visible and the hair is growing evenly. I now feel that I have a more natural hairline than I can ever remember having and am excited to see how it continues to progress. I no longer wince at photos of myself and friends and family have already been extremely complimentary. I am really grateful for the advice and care provided and would recommend to anyone considering FUE, to at least have a consultation so you can make an informed decision. Michael treats the session as a medical consultation (which it is!) and not a sales pitch. Thank you Michael and Team” 

Stuart – August 2021

“Dr Ismail Ughratdar and the staff took time to answer all my questions, explained the Hair Transplant procedure well and made me comfortable, confident and competent in the skills of the team. I am delighted the results of my Hair Transplant, previously I was sporting the world’s best comb over, but now I can sport more than one hairstyle, for which I am grateful and smiling as I write this review. Thanks a million to all at the Private Clinic.” 

Laurence – June 2021

“A great experience. Mr Mouzakis and his team were professional and friendly during my procedure. The level of communication and support has been great throughout. I’m delighted with the results. I would highly recommend The Private Clinic to anyone considering any form of elective surgery.” 

Devlin – May 2021

“I have undergone multiple treatments with Dr Raja including a hair transplant and Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment. Throughout my whole experience I’ve been treated with respect and made to feel comfortable at all times, both my care on the day of my treatments and before/after has been amazing and way above what I expected. I would absolutely recommend Dr Raja and the wider team to anyone looking to undergo hair related treatments.” 

Mark – May 2021

“I recently underwent a FUE hair transplant at the Private Clinic in Leeds following a consultation with Dr Furqan Raja. The experience was amazing from start to finish and I can’t recommend Dr Raja and his team highly enough. I was given all the information I needed to make an informed decision and there was no pressure to go through with the procedure. Dr Raja was able to answer all my questions honestly and expertly and this ensured that I had realistic expectations from the start. The FUE procedure itself was completely painless and the team went out of their way to ensure that I was cared for and made as comfortable as possible. It was quite a long procedure but I felt that I was in very capable hands throughout the day and the aftercare support was amazing. I’m really pleased with the healing so far and I can’t wait to see the final results in a few months time. I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Dr Raja and the whole team at the clinic in Leeds. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering a hair transplant or any other cosmetic procedure.” *

Mike – May 2021

“I received my hair transplant at the Private Clinic in Manchester. At first I was very unsure what to expect, however Alex and the team where all fantastic at providing information throughout the entire process, start to end, and I couldn’t thank them all. A big Thankyou to Dr Raja who completed my surgery. He was excellent at providing me information about the surgery, to making me feel totally comfortable on the day. The process itself was pain free and the team went above any beyond for me. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and aftercare I received through him and his team. I would definitely recommend Alex, Dr Raja and the team at the private clinic Manchester to anyone who is considering any treatment, not just a hair transplant. Amazing from start to finish. Thankyou again.” 

Neil – March 2021

“I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and care provided by all the staff at The Private Clinic during my FUE procedure. From Wanda to Dr Ishmail and everyone in between I felt like a friend and a VIP all in one. Brilliant, and I’m already happy with the results..”

Chris – March 2021

“Very pleased with the hair graft procedure and aftercare I received from Mr Mouzakis at TPC. Being a completely new experience for me Mr Mouzakis was able to advise through every step of the journey which was a huge factor for me when considering a domestic procedure. The procedure itself was very comfortable and I would not hesitate to use Mr Mouzakis again in the future. 12 months on and I am delighted with the result.” *

Luke – February 2021

“I was very happy with the entire process and would fully recommend Mr Mouzakis and the Private clinic.” 

Daniel – January 2021

“I underwent a hair transplant procedure. This was the first time I have ever had any cosmetic surgery. Michael (my surgeon), and his team were fantastic. Very laid back but also professional and caring. I couldn’t really fault a thing and I am very happy with the results!” *

Mark – January 2021

“I had an FUE hair transplant on December 22 2020 at The Private Clinic in Birmingham. From the initial contact with Lucy Smith on reception until the follow up call the day after the procedure I felt at absolute ease and knew I had made the right choice. My phone consultation a few weeks before with Wanda Booth was very straightforward. Wanda was keen to listen to me and had a very empathetic ear (very important with the taboo subject of male pattern hair loss!) At this point its probably wise to mention I had had a video call consultation with another national hair transplant company (FUE Clinics) at the end of November and there was no comparison in my mind – no pushy sales people here! A week or so later I had a face to face consultation at the clinic, where I got to put a face to the names of the kind and professional staff that I had spoken to. I met my surgeon, Mr Mouzakis who asked me what I wanted and what he could achieve. He talked me through how the procedure would go and at no point did I feel obligated or under pressure to go book there and then. He was very professional and obviously knows his stuff, Mr Rock’n’Roll of FUE! Yet down to earth enough to answer all of my layman’s questions in a way I would understand. I had to have a Covid test a few days prior to my surgery which was arranged by Lucy. A couple of days before D-Day I had a call from her saying that the results may not be back in time, she was preempting a possible rebooking. Lucy went above and beyond trying to find me another way to get a test, and she did, both came back in time in the end but fantastic service, thank you Lucy! The day of my surgery arrived and all went very well, I was treated like royalty by Mr Mouzakis and his hair tech team, Kindrea and Nabeel. Even given lunch! I was very nervous on the day but instantly felt a lot more chilled out after meeting the team and seeing how they all work together. I must mention Selina the nurse too, she was very helpful and friendly on the pre-op and post-op phone calls, answering all of my questions and just generally being awesome. They’re just a phone call away with any questions that I have, a really important thing for me with something like this. Final results are too far off to tell yet but I know they will be great as I took my time to make sure I booked in with a well established company. I’m in a customer facing role and customer service is a big part of my role – these guys have a brilliant team and everyone of them does their job to perfection – a huge thank you to all of you, I’ve already recommended you to a few people and who knows, I may see you again in the future! A++++++++” *

Michael – December 2020

“Had a FUE hair transplant on 16 December with Dr Furqan Raja. He and the two nurses he worked with were fantastic! They made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure and constantly checked in with me. I had 1700 grafts taken from the back of my head and put into the front where I had gone bald either side of my windows peak. It took a bit longer than I thought (about 8.5 hours) but this was due to the high quality, attention to detail and best result they wanted to achieve for me. I had the procedure done at the Leeds clinic but could have chosen Manchester too. I travelled two hours there and back in one day. I am now following the after care information they gave me and also the full kit of products they provided (all included in the price) to help me make sure I look after the new grafts properly. I have follow up appointments with the nurse and access to an emergency on call nurse 24/7 if required. But so far, I have no pain and everything is exactly as described to me in advance of the procedure. I did a LOT of research online and found many of the other national FUE/FUT hair transplant clinics too sales driven and very pushy. Dr Furqan Raja and the team at the private clinic gave me time and space to decide on what was right for me, and importantly they never sold to me but just answered all my questions in a professional, caring and trustworthy manor. This is why I chose them and looking at the early results I am pleased I did! If you speak to other clinics and do your research, make sure you also book a consultation with The Private Clinic. Alex Clair in Manchester was my Patient Coordinator and he went out of his way to help me and gave me lots of free, practical and helpful information up front. Their straightforward, honest and friendly approach was great throughout. Highly recommended Dr Furqan Raja, Alex Clair and the whole team..” 

Alexander – October 2020

“Excellent and professional service. Right from the start staff at The Private Clinic of Harley Street were professional and friendly. After liaising with the clinic manager Wanda Booth and organizing a consultation I quickly grew trust that I wasn’t going to be just another customer but a valued patient. My consultation was very welcoming and all of the staff were extremely helpful, Dr Ismail Ughratdar was a very kind and professional surgeon who gave me all the information I needed to make a decision, he did not give me any false hope and told me what the situation was and how they would be able to help. On the day of the procedure I was a little nervous but was constantly reassured by the doctor and nurses who all day were incredibly professional and kind, there were no issues whatsoever and I left feeling that afternoon to start my recovery feeling very satisfied and with additional information and all required medication I needed. I was assured that I could call up any day if I had any further questions, but they were so informative I haven’t needed to. I am a month and a half past my procedure and everything has occurred exactly how they described. I would recommend this company to anyone looking into any procedure they offer.” 

Richard – September 2020

“From first contact with The Private Clinic Leeds I was greeted by very welcoming staff and a great amount of professionalism. This continued over my subsequent appointments/consultations prior to my FUE procedure. Although a little daunted by the prospect of my treatment the whole experience on the day was made so much easier due to, again, the professionalism and friendly nature of the staff resulting in a very satisfying experience. My surgeon, Dr Raja, made me feel at ease prior to the procedure carefully explaining the detail involved in my treatment. As a result I felt so much more relaxed about what was ahead. During the surgery he kept me informed of the progress of my treatment and I felt so much more at ease as a result. Likewise his assistants demonstrated not only great skill, care and attention but also a friendly and reassuring nature which meant the procedure proved to be far less daunting than I had expected. I’ve experienced a great deal of care and attention from The Private Clinic leaving me very impressed with the over all approach to client care. This has continued post-procedure and I’m sure will continue to do so with a follow-up/progress appointment scheduled.” 

Kevin – August 2020

“The whole experience with The Private Clinic in Birmingham was very professional and efficient. I was understandably a little anxious about the procedure, but Dr Ismail Ughratdar, Wanda and the rest of the team did a fantastic job of easing my nerves. I would highly recommend TPC Birmingham for anyone considering a hair transplant. Thanks guys.” 

AE – July 2020

“Could not recommend the private clinic of Leeds highly enough . From the first consultation I was very apprehensive and nervous about going through with a FUE Procedure and whether it was the correct thing for me to do. I couldn’t thank Louisa Needham enough for everything from start to finish, she was great with me and to be honest probably wouldn’t have gone through with the procedure if it wasn’t for her being so good with me. I didn’t feel any pressure from her and made me feel that she was genuinely interested in my best interests. Dannii, Dr Raja and his technicians were great, couldn’t have asked for nicer people to have done it, genuinely felt like I was getting it done by mates but yet their professionalism was second to none, just a really comforting easy experience. Thank you to Louisa,Dr Raja and everyone at The Private Clinic, top class.” 

Lee, London – February 2015

“Merely a thank you for all your kind attention these last two days, and a thank you too to all the team who made things go so winningly, and, on the whole, utterly painlessly. I am chuffed to pieces so far with the new hairline. There is no visible swelling, and the little redness there was seems to be dispersing already, and there was an easy removal of the back bandages this morning. You have made my world a better place, and you can’t say finer than that.” *

ST, London – October 2014

“Thank you so much for everything. It actually became almost enjoyable! Really appreciate the professionalism of everyone here. It is a great thing that you do.” *

Paul, London – July 2014

‘I would just like to say just over 3 months and I am very impressed exceeds all my expectations’ 

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