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A rhinoplasty is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure, but it is not spoken about widely and many patients choose not to share that they have had the procedure. This is of course very natural; however it has led to an increasing amount of misconception about what the procedure involves, the downtime and the realistic expectations from surgery.
We advise all our patients to do their research before considering any type of cosmetic surgery procedure and we hope our round-up of the common myths and facts about nose job surgery will help to make a well-informed decision.

5 Rhinoplasty Facts

1. You will have scars after a rhinoplasty

All cosmetic surgery is going to cause a scar, any type of incision to the skin is likely to do this. There are a variety of rhinoplasty techniques that will determine where the incisions will sit within the nose.

  • A closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions inside the nostrils so although they will be there, they won’t be visible.
  • An open rhinoplasty involves making incisions on the surface of the nose which can lead to scarring.

However our rhinoplasty surgeons are experts in ensuring that all incisions are made within the natural curvature of the nose and nostrils.

Our surgeons are also very qualified in offering scar care advice to help your incisions heal with minimal visible scarring.
Find out more about Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty surgery here.

2. Rhinoplasty surgery can cause bruising

Rhinoplasty surgery is known for causing bruising under the eyes and on the cheeks. Our expert surgeons take great care to avoid any extensive bruising however the amount of bruising that occurs post-operatively usually is down to the type of procedure performed, the techniques used and if you are more prone to bruising or not.

Our Preservation Rhinoplasty technique has helped to reduce the severity of this bruising by being less invasive as the dorsum of the nose is not destroyed or constructed during surgery.
Find out more about our Preservation Rhinoplasty technique here.

3. Loss of sensitivity is common

Loss of sensitivity is a common side effect from most types of surgery including rhinoplasty procedures. Disruption to the nerves can cause a temporary loss of sensation and in the majority of cases there will be a gradual return to normal sensation during the recovery process.

4. You won’t be able to smell anything after a rhinoplasty

In certain cases, rhinoplasty has been known to temporarily reduce your ability to smell, and sometimes taste. This will more than likely return to normal within 6 weeks.

5. Rhinoplasty is suitable for male and female patients

According to the BAAPS 2020 Annual Audit, Rhinoplasty procedures were fifth place in popularity for Women and 1st place for Men. In the media, it is not common to hear of men having rhinoplasty procedures, but they are very common and overall, the basic technique of the procedure for men is not different to how the procedure would be performed on a woman. What does differ however is the end goal, with men often opting for a wider and more distinguished bridge to the nose compared to women who often prefer a narrower and more elevated appearance.

Each rhinoplasty procedure at The Private Clinic is tailored to each patient’s natural nose shape and their desired result. Find out more about plastic surgery procedures for men here.

5 Rhinoplasty Myths

1. All surgeons can perform rhinoplasty procedures

It is especially important, when selecting your rhinoplasty surgeon, to look at their qualifications and experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery. We recommend going to multiple consultations, asking to see before and after photos and speaking to past patients to ensure you are making an informed decision and that your surgeon is experienced in facial surgery.

2. Rhinoplasty procedures are painful

Rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anaesthetic so you should not feel any pain during the procedure.
You may have discomfort following a rhinoplasty procedure which is usually down to the bandaging and packing used which can cause the nose to feel blocked. Our Preservation Rhinoplasty uses a modern style nasal pack which is designed to help patients feel less discomfort post operatively.

3. My nose will look fake after a rhinoplasty

Many people think they can tell when someone has had a rhinoplasty procedure, and this may be possible if you know the person well, but we pride ourselves on delivering natural results. Our expert rhinoplasty surgeons will work with you to create the perfect nose shape for your face, they will be able to offer their knowledgeable advice to advise on the best width, height and position that will suit the rest of your facial features in order to achieve a harmonious result.

Find out more about how to get a natural-looking rhinoplasty result here.

4. There is no medical reason for a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure, and in the majority of cases, it is conducted for aesthetic reasons for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose.
Rhinoplasty procedures can also help patients with medical complaints such as a deviated septum, structural abnormalities due to injury or trauma, nasal inflammation, and cleft lip. A rhinoplasty is not available on the NHS unless you are having severe difficulty breathing so patients with medical reasons will often need to seek private surgery. We recommend researching your rhinoplasty surgeons and asking about their experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery for medical reasons.

Find out more about how to fix a deviated septum with a rhinoplasty (septoplasty) procedure here.

5. I can pick any nose shape for a rhinoplasty

We do recommend that patients do their research before a rhinoplasty procedure and have an idea about nose shapes that they like and dislike to help give their surgeon guidance about what they are hoping to achieve from surgery. It is important to remember however, that everyone’s face is different and whilst Angelina Jolie’s nose may look beautiful on her face, it may not be the best option for yours. Our expert rhinoplasty surgeons work with our patients to improve what they already have rather than creating something brand new.

Rhinoplasty Surgery at The Private Clinic

We are the UK’s leading non-invasive cosmetic group and have some of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the country working with us. For over 35 years we have successfully treated thousands of patients.
By coming to us for your nose job procedure, we will look after you to make your journey an exciting one.

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