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No two noses are alike, and they can come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose then you may be considering nose reshaping surgery, also known as a rhinoplasty.
When you start to research the rhinoplasty procedure, you may find yourself starting to notice features of the nose that will begin to help you decide how you want your new nose to look.
There is a wide selection of different nose shapes that have been categorised below:

Nose Shapes

Bulbous nose, bulbous nose tip

A bulbous nose is where the tip of the nose is rounded and enlarged, often causing the nose, or nasal tip to look out of proportion. Bulbous nose tip reduction often involves removing cartilage from the nasal tip and reshaping the remaining cartilage.
A bulbous nose can also be a symptom of a skin disorder called Rhinophyma which is often caused by rosacea. In these instances, a rhinoplasty would not be suitable as it is a skin condition so reshaping the structure of the nose is not likely to improve the condition of the skin.
Celebrities with a bulbous nose include Bill Clinton.

Celestial / Upturned Nose

A celestial or upturned nose is usually small in appearance and very slightly upturned like the name suggests. A celestial nose also often has a slight dent at the middle of the bridge. This is often a desired nose shape, but for some patients their upturned nose may have a more pronounced curve that they wish to fix.
Celebrities with a celestial shaped nose include Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, and Zac Efron.

Snub Nose / Button Nose

A snub nose is very similar in appearance to a celestial nose however they tend to be rounder and often more upturned so that the nostrils are often visible when viewed from the front profile of the face. Patients with snub noses may be seeking rhinoplasty surgery to bring the tip down and lengthen the nose.
Celebrities with a snub shaped nose include Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Stone and Wayne Rooney.

Greek Nose / Straight Nose

A Greek nose is often referred to as a straight nose as it is most identifiable by its straight bridge and narrow nostrils. It is a very desirable shaped nose due to its lack of lumps or bumps and is often the nose shape shared by patients with their surgeons when they bring reference photos. However, we do see patients with Greek or straight noses that are seeking a rhinoplasty procedure often in order to reduce the size of the nose or reduce the tip, so it is more in proportion to their face.
Celebrities with a Greek shaped nose include Jennifer Anniston and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Bumpy / Crooked Nose

A bumpy or crooked nose is often the result of injury, but it can also be present from birth due to hereditary factors like overgrowth of cartilages. The nose may appear to go off to one side or may have obvious bumps. Correcting a crooked or bumpy nose is a complex reconstruction procedure that should only be carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon who specialises in nose reconstruction.
Celebrities with bumpy or crooked noses include Owen Wilson, model Molly Sims and many former rugby players like Mike Tindall have previously had a crooked nose before having corrective surgery.

Roman Nose / Downward Sloping Tip / Aquiline Nose

A roman or aquiline nose often has an overly prominent bridge that is slightly bent towards the end. Those with a roman nose often seek rhinoplasty surgery to upturn the tip of the nose or remove an overly prominent hump in the bridge of the nose. However this nose shape can be seen as desirable for male patients.
Celebrities with a roman nose include Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe.

Hawk Nose

A hawk nose shape is similar to a roman nose however it usually has a thinner bridge and more pointed tip. Hawk noses are usually curved which can give it a hooked appearance like the beak of a hawk which is often what patients dislike about it. A rhinoplasty procedure can help to smooth and straighten the nose.
Celebrities with a hawk nose include Barbra Streisand and actor Adrien Brody.

Fleshy Nose

Fleshy noses are most common in men, they are usually identified by having a large and wide protruding shape. Patients with a fleshy nose may seek rhinoplasty surgery to narrow the tip and sides of the nose to give it more shape.
Celebrities with a fleshy nose type include Albert Einstein and Mark Ruffalo.

Nubian Nose

A Nubian shaped nose is most common found in those of African descent. Its typical features include a long bridge, wide base and the tip of the nose often pointing downwards towards the lips. Patients with Nubian shaped noses often seek rhinoplasty surgery with the goal of narrowing the nose.
Celebrities with a Nubian shaped nose include Beyonce, Rihanna and Barack Obama

Can you change your nose shape?

It is possible to change your nose shape with rhinoplasty surgery within reason. We have a team of expert rhinoplasty surgeons who will be more than happy to discuss what you hope to achieve from rhinoplasty surgery and what your realistic expectations should be.
Dermal Filler can also be used to help alter the shape of the nose if patients are looking for a non-surgical and temporary fix. Dermal filler can be injected into the nose to help reshape, add volume, and smooth out lumps and bumps. Many patients choose this option before going ahead with rhinoplasty surgery.

How to make your nose smaller?

Making your nose smaller is a very common request from patients seeking rhinoplasty surgery. A reduction rhinoplasty procedure can help to reduce the overall size of the nose or reduce the shape or size of a specific part of the nose.
Your expert rhinoplasty surgeon will work with you to create a treatment plan that will involve removing the appropriate amount of cartilage and bone from the nose to help you achieve a nose that will look smaller and be more in proportion to the rest of the face.

What is the most popular nose shape?

Noses are very unique, and what shape may suit one individual, may look completely different on another. The best noses are ones that are in proportion to the face, however in clinic based on patients’ requests, the traditional Greek nose shape is a common reference shape most likely due its straight shape.

Rhinoplasty before and after results

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