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Rhinoplasties – Can you really choose your new nose?

There has been a 14% rise in rhinoplasties in the past year and this year we are expecting to see another rise in numbers.

Most recently TV reality stars Fern McCann and Mario Falcone from The only way is Essex have come out sharing their nose surgery stories.

“’I seem so confident and loud, well I am loud, but on the inside, it really fazed me.” She stated in a live interview on This Morning which is a common feeling for many of our patients that come to see us about rhinoplasties in particular.

Unlike the majority of your body, your nose can’t be hidden under loose clothing or made to look better with the use of a good bra so it is no surprise that this type of surgery is becoming increasingly popular.

Here at The Private Clinic we will always encourage the most natural changes so we were pleased to see and hear Fern talk about her subtle changes;

© ITV via The Daily Mail

“I just wanted something subtle. I didn’t want a big change. I was teased in school about my nose and I thought it was taking over my face. From the front, it looks similar to how it did before so there hasn’t been much to get used to, but it is different from the side profile.”

In the press last week it was reported that Princess Kate’s nose shape was one of the most requested by patients for surgeons to replicate.

“A straight-edged nose, it suits both sexes and, with its 106-degree nasal tip rotation, it is mathematically almost perfect (noses between 104-108 degrees in their orientation are the most beautiful).” – The Mirror

Other celebrity noses that are often sought after include Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansen and Rihanna.

Although it is good to have a reference point of what you wish to achieve in surgery, it is also so important to remember that everyone’s face is different and whilst Kate’s nose may look beautiful on her face, it may not be the best option for yours.

You should consider rhinoplasty surgery as improving what you already have rather than creating something brand new. Although it is possible to favour a shape of the nose, this does have to match your nasal structure so your bone structure, cartilage thickness, flexibility, skin oiliness or dryness, and your facial skeleton could all impact how much your surgeon can alter the appearance of your nose.

Often the key factor for rhinoplasty surgery and most other surgeries too is for the surgeon to make changes, without it looking like a change has taken place. It may sound like an impossible challenge but it is a common request handed to surgeons every day. The overall goal for a successful rhinoplasty is to create more balance in the facial features which means if there is a lump in the nose or it’s too wide it may not go with the rest of the features on your face so it is key that you book a consultation with your surgeon so that they can spend time with you to discuss what you want to achieve against what the surgeon can deliver in order to reach some realistic expectations.


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