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How much do breast implants cost?

When speaking to patients about breast implants, one of the most popular questions we get asked is how much the breast augmentation treatment will cost. Also known as a ‘boob job’, breast augmentation is the the UK’s most popular surgical procedure with over

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Caring for your breast implants post-operation

Janice Dickinson is no stranger to plastic surgery. The world’s ‘first supermodel’ has admitted facelifts, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks amongst many other procedures since her first rise to fame. However, even as someone well-immersed in the industry, she recently

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Thinking of removing your breast implants?

Breast implant surgery remains one of the greatest treatments to drastically enhance and improve the shape, size and overall look of the breasts. Women who lack confidence with naturally small breasts, or that have lost volume or shape of their

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What Is the PIP Scandal and How Can You Avoid It to Find a Good Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

Here at The Private Clinic, we are fortunate to not be directly affected by the PIP breast implant scandal, as we only use high quality, reputable brands. We are as thorough as possible with the quality of our implants to

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A natural boob job? Surgical implants vs. fat transfer breast enlargement – the debate explained

Increasing numbers of women have been looking to fat transfer instead of surgical implants for that added lift. The desire for natural-looking (and feeling), smoother results has been cited to explain why some women are opting for this minimally-invasive procedure.

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