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Has ‘Mr. Selfridge’ had a Hair Transplant?

We have no doubt that many of you have been tuning into ITV on a Sunday night to catch the latest episode of the period drama, Mr Selfridge, based around Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of London’s famous Selfridges department store.

Actor Jeremy Piven stars as the title-role, portraying the bold, man-about-town Mr Selfridge. However, if rumours are to be believed, it seems that the actor hasn’t always been as confident as his onscreen character portrayal.

After photos circulated two years ago of the actor, showing off an obvious scar located at the back of his head, tongues started wagging about whether the 47-year-old actor had undergone a hair transplant procedure.

A large, neat scar on the head can be a common tell-tale sign of a ‘strip method’ hair transplant, also known as ‘FUT’, where a strip of the scalp is cut out and the hair transplanted from it, onto thinning areas.

See photos here.

Older hair transplant techniques, such as the Strip Surgery procedure, are known to commonly leave permanent scarring, resulting in a growing number for corrective and reparative procedure requests.

Here at The Private Clinic, our hair specialists Dr Luca De Fazio, Mr Michael Mouzakis, Dr Furqan Raja and Dr Ismail Ughratdar,  offer our patients the most advanced, minimally invasive Hair Transplant methodologies and techniques available today.

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, involves removing single, healthy hair follicles directly from a donor area on the scalp, usually at the back of the head where the hair is plentiful, and grafting them onto the bald or thinning areas. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, so, unlike the FUT procedure, there is minimal scarring, from the use of micro instruments, and the results are permanent.

Some of the advantages of FUE over other methods, include:

  • The procedure involves no scalpels, stitches and hardly any scarring 
  • The hair is implanted in the direction that matches the surrounding hair growth to ensure totally natural looking results
  • It is possible to perform the procedure without having to shave the head
  • Fast recovery period
  • Give you a natural looking and densely packed hair
  • Our experienced doctors perform a modified FUE method; making very small entry points into the scalp
  • We do not used a motorised robot FUE, this is too rough and does not yield the best hair transplant results
  • Our Hair Transplant team ensure that the donor area looks intact after the hair transplant procedure
  • Our FUE technique ensures you can even keep your hair really short if you prefer without any obvious scarring.

Why choose The Private Clinic?

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