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Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Raghu Reddy, comments on a few of the many Celeb Hair Transplants

Last month we wrote a blog post on what we believed were the best celebrity hair transplants.

After careful consideration, we crowned James Nesbitt’s full head of hair the best resulting celebrity hair transplant, based on his natural looking results. Nesbitt was closely followed by Wayne Rooney’s new locks.

Celebs who have previously revealed to have had the procedure include Jason Gardiner, Alistair McGowan, Rob Brydon, Kyran Bracken, Mel Gibson, Elton John, Shane Warne, Duncan Bannatyne, Liam Neeson and Gordon Ramsey. And, more recently, X Factor judge Louis Walsh – who is still the talk of the tabloids with his impressive head of hair.

We asked our hair transplant experts, what they thought about each of the celeb treatments, to which they revealed:

James Nesbitt has had two surgeries a year apart to get the desired density. It appears he had somewhere in the region of 2000-2500 grafts, possibly involving 4500-5500 hairs. The surgeon has taken care of the facial aesthetic and designed an age specific hair-line. Overall I believe it is a very desirable outcome.

When commenting on Wayne Rooney’s head of hair, they added: “Wayne Rooney, as widely publicised, has opted for an FUE. I believe his primary considerations were his age, amount of pain involved, recovery period, outcomes and the fact that he likes to keep his hair short.”

“Rooney had a two day procedure involving 2000-2200 grafts, yielding 5000-6000 hairs. Again, the hairline looks very natural and the surgeon has resisted the temptation of going for a low hairline as this would have compromised the number of available hair for future hair transplants. Overall I think that the result of the treatment is a good aesthetic and surgical outcome.”

Louis Walsh’s sudden hair growth is always a tabloid favourite, so we thought we’d also ask them to share their views on the music mogul’s new look, to which they replied with:

Louis Walsh’s hair looks different, because he has had thicker hair from the back transplanted. It appears that the hair at the back was darker than the hair at the front. This does happen as the hair at the back is stronger and has deeper pigmentation.

Our hair transplant experts have perfected their FUE hair implant techniques to ensure that our patients achieve the best results.

They aim to:

  1. Give you a natural looking and densely packed hair.
  2. Implant the hair in the direction your hair grows
  3. Perform a modified FUE method; with very small entry points into the scalp.
  4. To not use a motorised robot FUE, as this is too rough and does not yield the best hair transplant results.
  5. To ensure that the donor area looks intact after the hair transplant procedure.
  6. To ensures that patients can keep their hair really short if preferred without any obvious scarring.

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