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Hair stylist to the stars undergoes Hair Transplant procedure

TV personality and stylist to the stars, James Brown, has become the latest celebrity to publicly admit to having undergone a hair transplant procedure to hide his thinning hairline.

James, 43, first noticed that his hair was thinning over 20 years ago. The British hair stylist says of his decision: ‘I was 24, I was in Miami and my hair got wet. When I looked in the mirror I noticed my hair was going on the top. What saved me is that I have curly hair so you couldn’t really notice it. Over the years, the problem predictably got worse’.

Hair Loss is a daunting topic for many people and can often be the cause of deteriorating self-confidence. At the age of 24 it could be that James was a suitable candidate for a course of medication, to ‘hold’ the thinning of hair and reduce the rate of future hair loss.

Fashion conscious James has previously publicly admitted to wearing a suit and a hat every day, however when probed further about his hair-loss James admits: ‘I live [my life] going through airports, from LA to London, and I used to panic about having to go through airport security It got to the point when it was so bad, I didn’t want to take my hat off. Those minutes before going through security and taking my hat off, they were torture for me.’

Until recently, hair transplant procedures have been challenging in terms of delivering the natural results most patients desire. . Traditional hair transplant techniques, such as the strip surgery procedure, leave scarring and do not always produce the natural results that the patient (or practitioner) desire. James underwent a FUT (strip) procedure and is extremely happy with the results.

Here at The Private Clinic we would have recommended the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant method, a superior method to the traditional strip technique, in terms of methodology, results, downtime and minimal invasiveness (FUE leaves absolutely no scarring whatsoever, whereas the FUT will leave a noticeable scar at the back of the head).

At The Private Clinic, our hair specialists Dr. Reddy and Dr Luca De Fazio, Dr Mark Tam, Mr Michail Mouzakis and Mr Doraisami Mohan are some of the most sought after FUE hair restoration specialists.

Speaking post procedure, James comments on his decision to have a hair transplant: ‘I have the confidence now, it’s mine, it’s not going to fall out – it’s my hair, it’s incredible and I really wish I’d had it done ten years ago to save me those years of hell. It’s incredible!’

To find out more information about FUE Hair Restoration, visit the website or please get in touch via 0333 920 2471 or you can request consultations through our website.

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