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Inverted Nipples Correction

The Problem

Many people can feel embarrassed about their inverted nipples, enlarged nipples or enlarged areolas, which can also result in a lack of confidence during certain situations.

Some people with inverted nipples can often feel self-conscious and insecure or embarrassed about their bodies.  Although it’s a subject that isn’t discussed as often as it should be, nipple corrections are not at all uncommon. Correcting inverted nipples are a quick and simple procedure which may be performed under local anaesthetic.

Inverted nipples occur when the breast ducts are too short or there’s a tightening of the duct’s tissue due to an imbalance in traction between them and the smooth muscle that keeps nipples erect. Alternatively, it could just be that there’s too much connective tissue in the nipple. The cause varies from person to person and can be due to genetics, lactation, pregnancy or trauma. There are also three different grades of inverted nipples:

  • Grade 1: The nipples occasionally become everted due to stimuli such as temperature or arousal and can be made to protrude and stay that way, by manipulating them with your fingers. Breastfeeding is usually possible in this case.
  • Grade 2: In this case they can also be made to protrude but won’t stay evert without finger pressure. Here breastfeeding can be problematic at times.
  • Grade 3: The nipples are completely retracted and cannot be pulled out thanks to physical manipulation. If your nipples are constricted you may not be able to breast feed.

Inverted Nipple Correction  Surgery is offered at our London, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Northampton, Bristol, Manchester, LeedsGlasgow and Essex clinics.

Read Mr Adrian Richards, Medical Director and practising Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic’s comments on nipple correction surgery here

We also have treatments for Nipple Reduction and  Areola Reduction.

The Problem

Many people can feel embarrassed about their inverted nipples, enlarged nipples or enlarged areolas, which can also result in a lack of confidence during certain situations.

Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipple correction surgery is a minor procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Depending on the underlying cause of your inverted nipples, two different approaches can be taken.

Most commonly, an incision will be made at the base of the nipple to release the fibres and milk ducts that are causing the nipple to retract. Biodegradable sutures would then be used to prop up the nipple during its recovery process.

Alternatively, an incision can be made to divide or free the milk ducts and problematic fibres internally.

The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes (15mins on each side) and is performed under local anaesthetic. Nipple Correction can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction.


Since the procedure is done under local anaesthetic you are free to return home as soon as you are ready, meaning that there’s no real downtime. The majority of our patients return to work within 1-2 days. You might experience some discomfort but this can be easily managed through pain medication.

The main consideration for this procedure is that you will be unable to breast feed following a nipple correction procedure and is something you may want to think over if you are planning to breastfeed in the future.


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Inverted Nipples Correction

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    The cost of Bilateral Inverted Nipple Correction starts at £2,500.

    We don’t follow a one-price-fits-all policy and prices are quoted on a case by case basis. You will be given an accurate quote for your requirements following your consultation.

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