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Liposuction for Women

There are many reasons why women opt for liposuction treatment. Many women come to see us after going through pregnancy and express how they are not happy with the appearance of their body which can really affect their self-esteem and

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Which Type of Liposuction Procedure Should I Choose?

Liposuction is a popular procedure among both men and women to remove unwanted and stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of the body. There are many types of liposuction procedures available, so in this blog post, we will be covering

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VASER Lipo vs Laser Lipo

Ever wondered about the differences between VASER Liposuction (or just VASER Lipo as we call it) and Laser Lipo? Are you thinking of a non-invasive fat removal treatment or liposuction but aren’t sure which procedure to choose? There are lots

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VASER Lipo Body Contouring: The Recovery Period

To help you better understand VASER Lipo, we’ve put together our answers to a selection of the most commonly asked questions related to VASER body contouring. Q: What is VASER Lipo? A: VASER, or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at

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A Winning Physique

Olympic fever has hit the nation, and with it comes the quest for tighter abs! As we sit and wait with baited breath to see who will bag a medal, we are all secretly wondering; will I ever have abs

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