Liposuction for Women

There are many reasons why women opt for liposuction treatment. Many women come to see us after going through pregnancy and express how they are not happy with the appearance of their body which can really affect their self-esteem and confidence. We also see women who are leading very active lifestyles but are still having… Continue reading Liposuction for Women

Surgeon Spotlight: Dr Dennis Wolf

Dr Dennis Wolf is a highly experienced Vaser liposuction surgeon at The Private Clinic. Dr Wolf has been working within the cosmetic surgery world since 2008 after completing his medical training initially in South Africa before coming over to the UK undertaking various training roles in London training hospitals. After leaving the NHS, Dr Wolf… Continue reading Surgeon Spotlight: Dr Dennis Wolf

Is Vaser Right For Me?

Vaser liposuction is one of our most asked about treatments offered here at The Private Clinic. The procedure is a popular choice for those looking to contour their body and remove any stubborn areas of fat. Vaser Liposuction differs to traditional surgical liposuction as it uses ultrasound to dissolve the fat and the minimally invasive… Continue reading Is Vaser Right For Me?