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Are your hands ageing you?

A lot of us spend our time battling the signs of ageing on our faces but is it actually our hands that are giving our age away? Hands are prone to premature ageing as they are exposed to so many

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Body Contouring and Anti-Ageing – Fat Transfer vs. Implants and Dermal Fillers

A lot has been said about Fat Transfer (or Fat Grafting) procedures. With cosmetic clinics calling them the ‘natural’ alternative to dermal fillers and breast implants and being touted as the next generation of cosmetic procedures, it’s easy to see why Fat Transfer has garnered so much

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The War on Fat: We talk to Celebrity Personal Trainer, Laura Marin, about Fat Loss and Fat Removal

Here at The Private Clinic we’re always talking to experts in health and well-being to help our patients in the run up to their procedure and long after so they can make the most out of their new bodies. One

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Fat Transfer to the Hands: Liz Jones Reviews Anti-Ageing Procedure

Liz Jones, beauty reporter and columnist for the Daily Mail, is well known for giving her frank opinion as part of her job and it was no different when it came to reporting back on her Fat Transfer to the

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