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A lot has been said about Fat Transfer (or Fat Grafting) procedures. With cosmetic clinics calling them the ‘natural’ alternative to dermal fillers and breast implants and being touted as the next generation of cosmetic procedures, it’s easy to see why Fat Transfer has garnered so much attention but does it really work and for how long? We decided to put together a blog post because we believe that with the right doctor or surgeon Fat Transfer procedures are definitely helping to advance the cosmetic sector.
Fat Transfer – the Alternatives

  • You can expect Dermal Fillers to last anywhere between 4-13 months, depending on the procedure. They’re easy to have done and safe as long as you have them administered by a medical professional. There is precious little regulation so ensure you go to somewhere respectable and ask about experience.
  • With buttock and breast implants you’re typically looking at a lifespan of anywhere between 10-20 years. After this people will either need to replace the implants in order to achieve the same or similar look and feel. Complications can occur along the way, which may mean the implants may need to be taken out or replaced earlier than expected. A good plastic surgeon will work with your body to ensure the risk of complications is kept to a minimum.

Dermal Filler Treatments by The Private Clinic
Dermal Filler Treatments by The Private Clinic

Fat Transfer procedures are currently used to boost volume and rejuvenate the face and hands, which suffer from fat loss and thinning of the skin as we age. They act as a ‘natural’ alternative to fillers as well as breast or buttock implants. With Fat Transfer the procedures sit more comfortably at the implant end of the longevity scale, with results able to last as long as implants. Fat Transfer can also be used in combination with fillers and implants to achieve extended results.
Naturally, the results with Fat Transfer won’t be as dramatic as implants can be so it really does depend on the patient. For the right patient – one that wants a quick, minimally invasive treatment that will last far longer than dermal fillers – Fat Transfer offers a great opportunity.
Organic Facelift Fat Transfer to the Face Anti-Ageing Before and After
Organic Facelift Fat Transfer to the Face Anti-Ageing Before and After

What is a Fat Transfer procedure?

In a nutshell, with fat transfer procedures VASER Lipo or MicroLipo are used to carefully extract fat from the body, where it’s then filtered and injected into the face, hands, buttocks or breasts for a natural lift. Both VASER Lipo and MicroLipo are minimally invasive forms of body contouring, akin to liposuction but much less invasive and with increased precision for body contouring and quicker recovery times. Over-plumping is typically performed because around 20% of the fat cells will be absorbed into the body with current techniques – something that is being continually researched for improvements. Another area of research is the role stem cells play in the transfer. Stem cells are injected as part of the fat transfer but their effects and how to better utilise them are being worked on presently but the results are promising.

What is Fat Cell Viability?

The biggest point of contention around Fat Transfer is often cell viability. It takes a substantial amount of experience for doctors and surgeons to be able to extract the fat cells, then filter them and inject them whilst maintaining the fat cell integrity with good placement. If the fat cells are damaged they will just be quickly absorbed into the body – losing the plumping and regenerative effects the procedure is intended to have. The experience and skill of the doctor or surgeon is one of the most important considerations for anyone interested.

The Battle Settled?

Vested interests do get in the way sometimes from both sides. As with any profession there will be differing opinions. We want to stress that fat transfer procedures aren’t in direct competition with any procedure. They have their own benefits, which can be similar to dermal fillers and implants. Nevertheless it can be a bit of a milieu wading through the arguments for and against various procedures but in the end a medical professional should be giving his medical opinion first and foremost.
A good doctor or surgeon will give you a realistic outlook and an expected range of outcomes – not shying away from the risks and complications but assuring the patient just how they limit the risks and why they are good at what they do. Ensure you ask lots of questions in a consultation to help you understand the procedure as much as possible.

Fat transfer to the cheeks
Fat transfer to the cheeks

Fat Transfer at The Private Clinic

At The Private Clinic, we only offer fat transfer procedures to the face and hands.
Anti-Ageing Fat Transfer procedures to the Face and Hands plump and revitalise areas of the body that suffer heavy fat loss as we age.
Our Medical Team have performed many hundreds of procedures over the years so you will receive expert care, experience and professionalism from The Private Clinic.
Fat transfer procedures are only available at our London Harley Street clinic
To find out more please call 0333 920 2471 or use our online contact form