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How much fat is required for fat transfer?

 Most of us have said it at some time or another: “if only I could take fat from here and just move it here”. Not everyone, however, realises there’s been a treatment designed to do just that since the 80s.

The seventh most popular surgical procedure last year, Fat Transfer is a ‘natural’ alternative to implants and fillers which uses pockets of fat extracted through liposuction to increase volume in the breasts, buttocks, face or hands. But how much, exactly, can be transferred?

The answer isn’t simple. Each area differs massively and every single person has a unique experience of the treatment; from the amount of fat that should be harvested to begin with, to how their body reacts to the injected volume and how much it retains.


First things first: you’re never going to be able to go from A cup to F cup through the treatment alone. As much fat as you may have to extract, if you’re looking for a guaranteed rocket in size, the method simply won’t give you the results you desire.

The treatment works best for those patients looking to increase their cup size by roughly one to one-and-a-half sizes, or those simply wishing to restore volume and fullness to sagging or empty breasts, but it’s important to remember that your body is unique and your doctor may advise on a different outcome for your case.

Before and after Breast Fat Transfer at The Private Clinic.
Before and after Breast Fat Transfer at The Private Clinic.

Despite filtering fat prior to transfer to ensure only the best is used, we find that after breast fat transfer roughly 40% of the transferred matter may be lost within the first two months, making it crucial for you to have enough fat for extraction to counter this. If you’re a very thin patient with little to be taken through liposuction, you may find that the treatment simply isn’t worth it for you; both in results and for your own health, but only a qualified and experienced doctor will be able to work out the right amount to deposit to make sure you’re happy with the results.

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Like treatment for the breasts, buttocks fat transfer needs to account for the 40% loss of volume that will take place so you’ll need adequate pockets of fat elsewhere to be suitable. This doesn’t mean you have to be overweight to have the treatment; in fact, we recommend all patients be at (or at the very least near) their ideal weight. Losing weight after treatment can affect results as the fat works like any other in your body and gets lost during periods of exercise or diet.

Before and after fat transfer to the buttocks at The Private Clinic.
Before and after fat transfer to the buttocks at The Private Clinic.

Again, like grafting for the breasts, buttocks fat transfer isn’t the best option for a huge increase in volume, though this matter comes down massively to the skill of your doctor. At The Private Clinic, for example, our doctors will usually combine the treatment with sculpting of the flanks and thighs to give a better contour and shape to the area surrounding the buttocks, making the result a more holistic one with definition and focus all around the area.

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Face and Hands

Before and after fat transfer to the face results_ performed by Dr Dennis Wolf at The Private Clinic
Before and after fat transfer to the face


Fairly obviously, the amount of fat needed for transfer to the face or hands is not as extensive as that needed for the buttocks or breasts. It is, however, still entirely individual and there’s no way of knowing the exact necessities for you without consultation with an experienced doctor first.

Most patients come to us for the treatment as an anti-ageing alternative to restore volume so, again, the amount of fat required all comes down to the condition of your face or hands, and what you wish to achieve. It won’t be suitable for all candidates and, if your skin texture is poor, no amount of volume will give you the results you desire. The only way to know for sure is to speak with a doctor.

Journalist Liz Jones before and after fat transfer at The Private Clinic
Journalist Liz Jones before and after fat transfer at The Private Clinic

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Regardless of the area you’re considering for fat transfer, it’s not always about the amount of fat you have to extract or transfer, it’s all down to the skill of the doctor performing the treatment. It’s impossible to say what amount will work for you without seeing you and understanding the shape of your body and how it stores fat. If the treatment is something you’re considering, we offer consultations across the country to assess you and give you honest, straightforward advice. Enquire about booking a consultation. 

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