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Transgender breast augmentation and Laser Hair Removal U.K. 

At The Private Clinic, we can help you to feel more you. We discuss two popular treatments by our female transgender clients – laser hair removal and breast enlargement surgery. MTF Laser hair removal Constantly shaving or waxing hair on

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What is the difference between natural and augmented results with breast enlargement surgery?

Breast Enlargement is not a standard set procedure, the implants used come in a variety of different sizes, widths, profiles and shapes meaning the results achieved from the procedure can vary depending on the implant chosen and the body size

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10 ways to prepare before your breast augmentation

You may have already booked your surgery and are now counting down the hours until the big day, but are you really prepared? We share 10 of our top tips on how to prepare before your breast augmentation surgery. 1.

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How to achieve a natural-looking breast augmentation

We always aim to produce a natural-looking breast shape which nobody could guess is the result of breast enlargement surgery. Our aim is to make sure your bust is in proportion to your shoulders and hips to create a natural,

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How big can you go with breast implants?

The first thing that needs to be said about Breast Augmentation is that it’s a very personal affair. It’s a completely bespoke treatment that will see great variations between cases – with no two being the same. Ultimately, your anatomy,

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