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What is the difference between natural and augmented results with breast enlargement surgery?

Breast Enlargement is not a standard set procedure, the implants used come in a variety of different sizes, widths, profiles and shapes meaning the results achieved from the procedure can vary depending on the implant chosen and the body size and shape of the individual receiving them.

Breast Enlargement results tend to sit in two different categories; Augmented and Natural. It has become more common these days for patients to request natural results favouring the looks of celebrities such as Gigi Hadid. In comparison however there are still patients who favour the augmented look who wish to make a more noticeable change to their appearance.


When we say an augmented breast appearance it usually refers to a result where the breasts are more noticeable and prominent in comparison to a ‘natural result’. The desire for an augmented result tends to stem from celebrities and that ‘Hollywood’ look with many favouring the larger appearance.

Typical characteristics include;

  • A large bust in proportion to the natural shape and frame of the body.
  • Dramatic contouring around the breasts.
  • Prominent cleavage that gives the appearance of a push-up bra whilst not wearing a bra.
  • Breasts that sit in a high position on the chest.

The best way to ensure an augmented result is too choose a larger implant size which is high profile and placed over the muscle. During your consultation you will be able to try on different sized implants and some of our surgeons offer 3D scans that will allow you to see how you may look with different sized implants.


A natural result is one that although there will be a noticeable different to your chest size, result won’t look unnatural and for anyone who has never met you, they often would not know that you have had surgery.

Typical characteristics of a natural breast enlargement result include;

  • Breasts that do not sit high on the chest.
  • A mid slope of the breast towards the nipple.
  • The majority of the volume in the lower half of the breast.
  • Breasts that feel and move like natural breast tissue.
  • Nipples sitting at the most fullest part of the breast.

The best way to ensure a natural result is by limiting the size of implant you choose to keep in proportion to your natural shape of your body. Surgeons will also take care to limit the width of the implant to proportionately fit within the width of your chest. Choosing implants that are have a moderate profile or lower and placing them in a position under the muscle. In some cases teardrop implants may be favoured when the patient has a limited amount of natural breast tissue.

At The Private Clinic our surgeons tend to aim for a natural result unless they are specifically asked by the patient for an augmented result. Your surgeon will suggest the best implants for your chest width and frame in order to get the appearance that you desire but this does not mean that they will favour a teardrop implant over a round implant however as natural looking results can be easily created using a round implant. In more extreme cases ethical surgeons will not want to be associated with creating an extreme augmented look.

Take a look at our before and after breast enlargement photos.

Why choose The Private Clinic?

  • We have dedicated post-operative care and appointments with your surgeon and nursing team, including a 24 hour help line.
  • We offer three-year aftercare breast cover.
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on the implant.
  • We are able to offer a warranty of £1000 towards surgical costs for 10 years for breast enlargement.
  • All procedures are performed in state of the art hospital facilities.
  • We have a team of highly experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeons who have decades of experience.

Breast Enlargement consultations with surgeons at The Private Clinic are free with a refundable deposit to secure your appointment. To find out more or to book a free consultation please call 03339209135.

See our FAQ’s for further questions and our breast enlargement video series on your comprehensive breast enlargement journey.

Consultations for breast enlargement surgery are available at London Harley Street, Bristol, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Northampton with patient advisor consultations also available in Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

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