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We always aim to produce a natural-looking breast shape which nobody could guess is the result of breast enlargement surgery.
Our aim is to make sure your bust is in proportion to your shoulders and hips to create a natural, feminine figure without making you look top-heavy or ‘fake’.

Measurement for natural breast implants  

This is achieved by using detailed measurements of the natural diameter of your breast base then taking away a small amount of your natural breast tissue so that the implant will lie inside your breast tissue without extending out to the sides.
If your breast implant is too small or too large then it can extend into the outer chest area which produces an unnatural appearance. We also tailor the height and shape of the implant to your unique physical characteristics.

How Can I Make My Breast Implants Look Natural?

Here is our best guide to choosing the right implant for natural looking boob jobs;

Cup Size

Recommendation to achieve a natural shape

AA Cups with very little breast tissue

We recommend a shaped breast implant partially behind the muscle in a dual-plane position. (Find out more about Breast Implant Positions here)
This is because we need to create the shape of the bust using a shaped implant. We also need the extra coverage given by the muscle in the upper portion of the breast so that we do not get any unnatural ridge in this region.

A-B Cups

If your breast tissue measurement is below 3cms in the upper part of your breast but you do have a natural bust shape, we usually recommend a round implant placed partially under the muscle in a dual-plane position.
This will enhance the natural look of your own breast shape. There is a slight risk of shaped implants rotating slightly which does not happen with round implants.

C Cups and larger

For a natural breast shape with over 3cms of breast tissue in the upper portion of your bust, we would usually recommend a round implant placed in front of your muscle.
This gives a slighter quicker recovery time but placing the implant in front of the muscle is only suitable if there is a minimum 3cms of tissue available to cover the implant and give a natural effect. Otherwise the implant could start showing through the skin with ridging or rippling.

Why a breast sizing appointment is crucial to natural looking breasts 
Rather like buying a pair of jeans, an identical outfit might look very different on various body shapes. We take the same approach when trying on breast implants. All patients should ideally attend a sizing appointment where you can try out different sized implants. We also encourage you to bring outfit changes so you can see how your implants look with different styles of clothing.
Downsizing breast implant for a more natural shape 
We are seeing an increase in patients who have previously had breast enlargement surgery now looking to downsize their implants to fall in line with the current trend of a smaller and more natural looking breast implant.
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards recently featured in the Daily Mail and The Sun giving his views on celebrity breast surgeries’ and confirmed that more people are now opting for natural looking implants that will leave people guessing as to whether they’ve had surgery.
“We see this in the clinic and there’s a trend for the more natural look. We’ve analysed our data and in the last two years the average size of implant people go for has reduced by 30cc.”
We know how important it is that you feel completely comfortable with the look that you select. The best option is to see us to discuss the options suitable to you.  Plus enjoy the breast implant sizing appointment which lets you can see what your new shape will look like.
We do not endorse the artificial, fake breast enlargement surgery look. By carefully matching your breast implant size to the shape of your unique physique, you will achieve a natural shape and no one need know you’ve had breast enlargement surgery.

Natural breast enlargement results before and after photos

natural looking breast augmentation before after photo
This patient was originally an A cup. She wanted to increase her breast size but still maintain a natural looking result. She had 360cc moderate profile implants placed in a dual plane position.

breast implant natural looing result before after photo uk
This patient was originally an A cup. She wanted to achieve the most natural result possible whilst achieving an increase in cup size to a C/D. She had 300cc high profile implants in a sub muscular position (under the muscle).

300cc high profile implants before after photo uk
This patient was a B cup and after having children felt she wanted to improve the appearance of her breasts so that they were fuller but still really natural looking. She had 300cc high profile implants.

360cc moderate profile breast implants before after photo
This patient was a B cup and was seeking a breast augmentation to give more fullness to her breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. She had 360cc moderate profile implants placed in a dual plane position.

What are the most natural breast implants and is there a Natural Breast Implant? 

The breast implants that we use at The Private Clinic are made from silicone. We believe that silicone implants give a more natural look and feel to the breasts.
All implants used in our clinics are FDA approved and made from cohesive medical-grade silicone gel.
There is another type of breast implant which has a saline filling however the shell is still made from saline. The results from this breast implant can give a fake appearance due to the rippling of the implant being visible.

What Are The Natural Alternatives To Implants?

Another natural breast implant option is fat transfer to the breast however the results of this treatment can’t be guaranteed, and the results will depend on the amount of fat that you have in the donor area.

Will my breast implants look fake? 

Our surgeons are very experienced in ensuring that the most appropriately sized implant is used to suit your body size, shape and frame to achieve the most natural looking breast enlargement possible.  
It is also important for your surgeon to consider breast implant placement. A dual plane position more commonly referred to as under the muscle is often the best placement for implants for those wanting a natural look as there is more implant coverage and less risk of the implant being visible.  

What Makes Breast Implants Look Fake?

In most cases, a fake looking result from breast augmentation is because the implant size is not correct for the measurements of the body. Overall, women should expect to go up 1-2 cup sizes after a breast augmentation, so those going from a A cup to a much larger E cup are more likely to have a fake appearance to the chest. This will be discussed at the consultation and the sizing appointment. 
Natural Breast Enlargement The Private Clinic
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