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I developed a varicose vein during pregnancy – will it go?

I have a 2 month old baby and in pregnancy I developed what I think is a varicose vein behind the knee of my right leg. Is this a result of the pregnancy or would it have come anyway? Will it go away on its own or should it have disappeared immediately after the birth of my son? Denise, London

Hi Denise

Thanks for your question, varicose veins during pregnancy is common and happens when your baby is growing, the placenta and your uterus weigh down on the veins in your pelvis. These include the large vein on the right-hand side of your body.

This major blood vessel has to work hard. It receives blood from your lower limbs and most of the organs in your pelvis and belly. The pressure on this large vein makes it harder for the blood from your legs to make its return journey to your heart.

What also happens is that you have more blood circulating round your pregnant body and the hormone progesterone relaxes your blood vessel walls.

So with this all in mind it is likely for the vein in your leg to become swollen, or varicose. To answer your question the vein would have come anyway. If it does not go away within 3 months of delivery then it will stay unless treated. EVLT treatment is an effective and quick way to treat varicose veins which wont affect your daily activities or get in the way of looking after your baby.

Call us for more info if you would like.


Dr Costas Kyriakides

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