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“Dear  Dr. Raghu Reddy, I recently  met  one of your  patients as part of my research into getting a hair transplant I must admit I was very impressed by the density and natural appearance of the transplanted hair . During our conversation he suggested something about hair loss being progressive and that during my consultation, I would be advised on my suitability for the procedure and also an individualised plan. I find it strange as I have already been to 2 clinics and have a few quotes , but no one mentioned about me being unsuitable for a hair transplant.

I am 25 and have frontal balding could you please advice on what happens during the consultation process?” Mike

Dear Mike, thanks for your query. I strongly believe that a consultation with your surgeon is the most  important aspect of any successful cosmetic procedure, let  alone hair restoration. During the consultation, I perform a thorough examination of the scalp, including miniaturisation mapping. This  would  give me an idea as to mapping future baldness patterns and also preparation that I need to make to match your expectations.

Regarding  suitability, I’m afraid the fact remains that not everyone is suitable for an FUE based technique. Some of the key factors I look for during the consultation are:

1)      Age

2)      Family history

3)      Expectations

4)      Sufficient donor hair

5)      Nature of the scalp

If for any reason I find that you are unsuitable for the Third Generation FUE, I would recommend alternative treatments, depending on your level of motivation. I commend your diligence in finding the right surgeon and treatment for you, but  if I were to undergo any surgery I would not even contemplate doing it without meeting the surgeon that performs the procedure. At the end of the day , it’s not the technique, clinic or salesperson that determines the outcome,  it is your surgeon. Good luck in your pursuit.

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