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Valentine’s Day Offers 2021

Book now and plan ahead with 40% off

February has just arrived and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We have your beauty agenda covered with our range of irresistible Valentine’s Day deals for all genders and skin types. Give your skin a refresh with our range of deep cleanse peels for that ultimate ‘kissable skin’ look or save on hair removal treatments to get you perfectly prepped for the big day.

Whether you are dating, meeting friends or just loving yourself we have a range of fantastic skin and body treatments on offer with savings of 40%.

Our complete list of discounted treatments is detailed on this page. We know it is difficult to make plans this year. So to help you take advantage of these offers, we are giving you 12 months to start your purchased treatments when you buy them.

Enjoy great savings on some of our most popular Valentine’s Day treatments when you book with us today. You can also take advantage of our Valentines’ Day discount and utilise your treatment voucher later in the year.

Laser Hair Removal

Save up to 40% on all Laser Hair Removal Courses.

Reduce unwanted hair across your body with our advanced laser hair removal treatments. Target troublesome hair growth in your underarms, bikini area, legs, upper lip, back, shoulders and more by eradicating hair growth by 90%. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, including dark skin, with instantly visible results once the treatment course has ended. Available at all clinics.

Acne Combo Treatments

Clear your skin and lift acne-causing bacteria with 40% off Regenlite Laser Treatments.

Regenlite (N-Lite) is suitable for all skin types and is specially designed to eliminate debris and bacteria that directly contribute to acne formation. This acne treatment delivers stand-out results compared to standard topical treatments thanks to its clinically proven technology. It not only lifts acne-causing bacteria. It also reduces skin inflammation and redness while stimulating restorative collagen stores to improve skin texture. Achieve radiant, clear and acne-free skin with this breakthrough acne-removal solution. Patients can also combine 3 N-Lite treatments with 3 chemical peels to maximise their visible results. Suitable for the face, neck, back and chest. Available at all clinics.

Thread Vein Removal

Remove thread veins with 40% off Laser thread Vein Treatments.

Forget feeling self-conscious about thread or spider veins across your face or legs. Our Cutera CoolGlide laser treatment utilises intense pulses of light energy to target your thread veins in a precise way. When directed at your thread veins, the light treatment causes blood in the affected vein to coagulate. The blood vessel is then destroyed before being gradually absorbed by the body, leaving you with completely clear, vein-free skin. Available in London and Manchester.

Skin Pigmentation Treatments

Achieve a clear skin tone and texture with 40% off IPL Photorejuvenation.

If you suffer from sun spots, skin pigmentation or an uneven skin tone, then IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy is an ideal treatment for you. IPL photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that utilises blasts of light energy to improve the colour of your skin, while treating rosacea and general skin tone abnormalities. It is customised to suit different skin conditions and skin tones and can be used across the hands and face. Available in London and Manchester.

Cellulite Treatments 

Minimise the appearance of cellulite with up to 40% off Cellulite Treatment Packages

Attain the best visible results by combining the power of our Mesotherapy and Body Ballancer cellulite treatments. Or select individual treatments depending on your target treatment area.


Mesotherapy is a leading cellulite treatment that involves injecting a specialised infusion of anti-cellulite ingredients into subcutaneous fat tissues. This helps to break down the connective tissue bands that trap the fat in pockets, which causes the typical ‘dimpling’ appearance that is common with cellulite. This leaves the skin with a smoother and more balanced appearance.

Body Ballancer®

Body Ballancer is another popular treatment that works incredibly well when combined with Mesotherapy. This compression therapy promotes a healthy lymphatic system to help break down the build-up and visible appearance of cellulite. Patients wear a garment that inflates and deflates skin around the treatment area to stimulate the breakdown of cellulite. Mesotherapy (6 treatments) available in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester & London. Cellulite treatment package available in Leeds, Manchester and London (course of 6 Mesotherapy treatments and 12 Body Ballancer® treatments).

Skincare Chemical Peels

Replenish your look with 40% off our professional-grade Chemical Skin Peel treatments. chemical peels and exfoliation treatments.

Brighten and revitalise your complexion with our range of chemical peels from renowned brands like Obagi, Circadia, Epionce and Jan Marini. For patients who want to improve signs of skin ageing, wrinkles, acne, rosacea and skin pigmentation, opt for our nutrient-rich Epionce peels, like our Epionce Corrective peel. Circadia’s Enzyme Exfoliating treatment will leave your skin remarkably clear and radiant thanks to its deeply exfoliating and hydrating properties. Obagi’s Blue Radiance Peel is well-known for its power to restore a youthful glow to your skin. Meanwhile, opt for Jan Marini’s Glycolic Peel to accelerate your skin’s own natural renewal process. Also save 40% on all branded topical treatments from these high-end skincare labels. Jan Marini treatments only available in London.

Emsella Pelvic Floor Tightening

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles with 40% off Emsella.

Emsella is a walk-in, walk-out procedure that is designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor tightness. Radically enhance our quality of life by improving urinary incontinence while reducing vaginal laxity. It is ideal for both men and women who experience bladder leakage when coughing or laughing for example, and 95% of patients have reported dramatic improvements in their symptoms after undergoing the treatment. Available in Leeds.

Why Choose The Private Clinic this Valentine’s Day?

As a multi-award-winning UK cosmetic surgery group, we have some of the most experienced Consultant Dermatologists, skin experts, doctors and nurses working with us. You can trust us for our expertise and exceptional results, thanks to our highly trained team of staff and our 5-star Trustpilot rating.

There are no hidden costs with our treatments, and we provide advice and support across every stage of your treatment journey, from initial consultation to our 24/7 aftercare.

Given our outstanding reputation and our 96% patient satisfaction rate, our services are also competitively priced and offer patients outstanding value when it comes to quality, professionalism and support. Take advantage of these amazing offers and call us today on 02033256555.

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