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Should celebrities be honest about cosmetic treatment?

In a recent interview with Vogue, pop singer Iggy Azalea decided to open up about her experience with plastic surgery, admitting without hesitation that she’d undergone a breast augmentation. The 24 year old, best known for her song Fancy, was asked

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Celebrities and cosmetic surgery

Open up the entertainment section of any website or newspaper and you’re bound to see a certain topic at least once a week; celebrities and their relationship with cosmetic surgery. Sometimes it might be stars speaking out about why they opted

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A touch of celebrity teeth whitening comes to Cheapside

What do Cheryl Cole, Jessie J, The Saturdays and Lorraine Kelly have in common? While we’re sure Lorraine’s got a beautiful singing voice, they’re clearly not all of popstar fame. And nor do any of their accents suggest they’re from

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And The Award Goes To… Celebrity Hair Transplants & Your Questions Answered

Hair Transplants frequently crop up in the news, especially when a celebrity’s hair loss or surprising hair growth is called into question. A bevy of celebrities have sung hair transplant’s praises over the past few years, as they seek to

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Celeb ‘natural’ beauty obsessions top UK Plastic Surgery wish lists

There has recently been a growing number of celebrity body-part look-alike requests, with an increasing number of people turning to the natural beauty of their famous idols for inspiration.

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