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Has Jude Law Had A Hair Transplant?


It has only been a few months since Hollywood heartthrob, Jude Law, was photographed on the red carpet at the Paris premier of the latest Sherlock Holmes film, sporting what can best be described as a dramatically receding hairline.

However on Monday, the 39 year-old actor’s hairline set tongues wagging as he stepped out at the Toronto International Film Festival with what appeared to be a much fuller-looking head of hair.

Next to each other, it’s hard to deny that the photos of Law’s hairline do look very suspicious and this has have prompted us to ask the question: has Jude Law undergone a hair transplant procedure?

We have asked our hair transplant expert, Dr Raghu Reddy, for his thoughts on the matter and here is what he had to say:

“I am not convinced that Jude Law has had a hair transplant. If you look closely at the photos, his actual hairline looks unchanged. I would say that he has just grown his hair, which gives the appearance of  a fuller head of hair. It is however possible that the actor has used some sort of camouflage powder to thicken his hair follicles.”  

Like Law, many patients that have visited us to enquire about a hair loss procedure, have admitted to letting their hair grow long in a bid to take attention away from a growing bald patch. Many have also admitted to introducing hats into their everyday wardrobe in an effort to hide a thinning hairline from friends and family members.

What are your thoughts, are you convinced? Has Jude Law had a hair transplant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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