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The Private Clinic recently held a webinar which was hosted by Dr Tracy Mountford, founder and medical director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and named London’s ‘Top Doctor’ for ‘Filler by Tatler’s ‘Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide’.
The webinar was a great insight into the world of dermal fillers and included a lot of information for any new patients who had not had the treatment before but also lots of interesting facts for those who may have already had dermal filler treatment.
Dr Mountford and her team of experts guided us through a series of treatment demonstrations, and before and after dermal filler results before taking the time at the end of the webinar to answer the viewers questions.
If you missed the webinar, you can view it here.
The main focus of the dermal filler webinar was to debunk some common myths about dermal fillers that many patients question us about during their consultations.
These myths include:

Myth 1 – Fillers will always look obvious and unnatural

This is a really common myth, often encouraged by newspapers or magazines who like to point out celebrities’ cosmetic treatment disasters. Most notably was Leslie Ash who over 20 years ago was photographed with a very swollen pout after having dermal fillers in her lips. Leslie has recently spoken out about her experience and urged people to ‘do their homework’ when seeking cosmetic treatments.
Dermal fillers can look obvious and unnatural when performed by an inexperienced person but in the majority of cases, dermal filler can look very natural and although a change to the face is noticeable, it will not be obvious that fillers have been used.
At The Private Clinic, dermal filler treatment is only performed by highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses, or surgeons to ensure that you only receive the best filler results.

Myth 2 – Dermal Filler treatment is painful

We can understand where this assumption has come from. The idea of having a needle stuck into your face is enough to make most people cringe but patients are often very surprised over how little dermal filler injections hurt.
Dermal filler injections are often supplemented with a dose of lidocaine which is a numbing solution, this means that as the treatment is performed, less pain will be felt. Patients are always welcome to have numbing cream applied before having dermal filler and very little discomfort should be felt.
At The Private Clinic, our caring team we endeavour to ensure that all patients are feeling comfortable throughout their dermal filler injectable treatment.

Myth 3 – Fillers are unsafe

This is a statement that could be argued that yes, fillers can be unsafe when in the wrong hands but in the right hands, when being used by highly experienced and trained professional doctors and nurses, they are very safe.
When it comes to selecting a clinic or individual to carry out your dermal filler treatment then research is key. Find out what their training is, what experience they have and also importantly what type of filler they use.
The Private Clinic uses the highest quality brand of temporary fillers including Juvederm® from reputable manufacturers such as Allergan the world leader in dermal fillers and maker of wrinkle relaxing injections. In 2020 Juvéderm® was the world’s leading brand for hyaluronic acid facial fillers.

Myth 4 – I am too old for fillers

There is no age limit for dermal fillers and there is no such thing as being too old, however this should be taken in relation to the realistic results that you are expecting to achieve. Dermal fillers can help to add volume and lift the face, but for skin that has significant drooping then they may not be able to deliver the results that you like and in cases like this, a combination of treatments will be recommended such as Ultherapy skin tightening.
The Private Clinic commits to always offering patients realistic expectations and honest advice when it comes to dermal filler treatment.

Myth 5 – When fillers wear off my lines will look worse

Dermal fillers is not a permanent treatment so eventually it will wear off and disappear from the body. Your lines and wrinkles will not look worse because of having filler, they may return which is why many choose to have dermal filler at regular intervals in order to maintain their results, but if you stop – your lines are likely to return. The important fact to remember is that dermal filler treatment does not stop ageing, whilst you are having dermal filler, your skin is still ageing in the background, and this is why lines and wrinkles will return.
At The Private Clinic our team of experts will be able to discuss this is more detail and provide you with information about what to expect after the dermal filler treatment has worn off.

Dermal Filler Treatment at The Private Clinic

At The Private Clinic all of our injectable treatments are carried out by cosmetic doctor, nurse or surgeon prescribers, who have undergone extensive additional training to qualify in prescribing and performing Dermal Filler injections. We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality brand of temporary fillers such as Juvederm® from reputable manufacturers such as Allergan which are renowned for their superior standards.

We have dermal filler clinics in: London Harley Street, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton.

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