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Choosing the correct breast implant shape and size

If you’re considering breast augmentation, one of your most important decisions lies in the implants you choose. Everything from the brand and size to shape and position can make a huge difference to your final outcome, meaning it’s useful to understand your options. Your surgeon will always guide you towards the choices best suited to your needs, so it’s important to pick your team wisely in the first instance – basing your decision upon their qualifications and background in the treatment.

Before and after Breast Augmentation at The Private Clinic.
Before and after Breast Augmentation at The Private Clinic.

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Which is the best breast implant brand?

There’s a surprising amount of breast implant brands available, but only a few that we would recommend. Without a doubt the most important thing to check is that the brand is fully approved by a certified body and have CE Mark  approval. This is the most crucial way to ensure good results and to protect yourself in the future as these are the only brands approved for use in the UK.

CE Mark Breast implants UK

It’s hard trying to find out this information yourself sometimes, which is why your most important job is always to research your surgeon and clinic – check the doctor is on the GMC register and the premises are fully CQC registered. Both of these bodies are extremely stringent and designed to protect you – if you’re considering any form of treatment abroad, remember they will not be able to protect you and you may be in a country that does not have any equivalent forces. You’re not only risking good results, but also your health too.

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Which is the best breast implant shape?

If you’re sure you’ve got a legitimate surgeon and implant brand, the next step might be to think about the shape you want to achieve. Your choice of implants lies in two options; round or teardrop. As an extremely rough guideline, round implants are best for those looking to give fullness to the top of the breast, while anatomical (or teardrop) are better suited to those lacking in breast tissue or seeking a more natural look.


Round implants are the most popular choice for UK women and are generally suitable for most patients. The final appearance tends to be soft, full and proportioned. The best candidates for round implants tend to have little or no droop in the breast and some tissue in the breast already.

Teardrop (anatomical)

Commonly referred to as teardrop due to their shape, anatomical implants produce a more ‘natural’ shaped breast in that they have more volume at the bottom and appear like an oval shape from the front. They are often used for breast reconstruction, or for those who have very little volume in the chest, and are normally textured to ensure no flipping or rotating can take place, preventing the breasts looking uneven.

What is the Breast Implant Projection/Profile?

An absolutely crucial, but sometimes forgotten, factor in how your implants will look is their profile, which determines how far they project from the chest wall of your body. There are four profiles to choose from:

Profile and Projection of Breast Implant sizing and shapes

Breast Implant ProfileDescription
Low ProfileLow profile implants have the smallest forward projection and tend to be the best fit for those looking to balance a wider frame.
Moderate ProfileThese are the most common profile used, they give a fairly natural, round fullness with plenty of volume. They are particularly popular with those who are looking to create the appearance of a wider chest.
High ProfileThese implants have a more pronounced projection from the chest, making them better for those who do not want to as much width to the chest.
Extra-High ProfileExtra-high profile have the largest amount of projection compared to the diameter of their base, making them a more suitable choice for those seeking to maintain a smaller chest diameter but a pronounced depth.

It’s important to remember that whatever profile you choose, the projection is not a fixed distance but instead a ratio calculated according to the diameter of the implant base. This means the profile required to achieve the results you need will always be individual to you. 

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What is the ideal breast implant size?

One thing you’ll probably have seen during your research is the term ‘cc’ with lots of different numbers. This stands for cubic centimetres and is a crucial deciding factor in your final results. The basics of choosing your size is relatively simple; the higher the number, the larger the size and we’d say as an extremely rough guideline that every 150-200 ccs equates to about one to one-and-a-half cup sizes. However this can vary hugely and the amount of breast tissue you have, as well as the width of your chest, are always huge factors in the change. To achieve the same cup size as someone else, you may find you have completely different implant sizes. This is normal and never anything to worry about.

The size of your implants will always be completely individual to you. This is where choosing the right surgeon proves absolutely vital.

What is the best breast Implant position?

Another factor to consider when contemplating the results you’re after is where your implants are positioned; whether it’s under the muscle, under the breast tissue or what’s known as dual-plane (partially under the muscle).

Under the muscle (submuscular) gives the implant more tissue covering and less risk of firmness or visible ripples. This is, however, normally more painful and yields a longer recovery time, especially if you’re currently experiencing sagging in the breast which will normally also require a breast lift.

Over the muscle (subglandular), meanwhile, tends to suit those seeking a faster recovery or those women with enough natural breast tissue to cover the implant without rippling or a feeling of firmness from the implant. It can also be beneficial for those with drooping who want larger breasts without a breast lift.

Dual Plane is a particularly skilled treatment that essentially combines the two placements to lift the breast without the necessity for a full breast lift.  Remember, however, that the best choice for you is something that only your surgeon can decide. There’s no ‘must go to’ formula for where you should have your implants – it’s always down to your natural figure and the shape you’re looking to achieve. Listening to their advice will, ultimately, be the best decision you can make.

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Which breast implant is best for me?

The best implant shape, size, and position always comes down to your own needs.
It’s all about individual results that are best for you.

When choosing the best implants and position for you, it’s important to think extremely carefully about the size and finish you’re after. A good surgeon will have years of experience as well as hundreds of patients behind them, meaning they’ll be able to listen to what you want and show you examples of how your breasts might look with particular shapes, sizes or projections. It’s all about working closely with your team and being completely honest from the start; if you’re not happy with something your surgeon suggests, always tell them. Their job is to give you the results you want and leave you feeling your best – they can only do that if you’re completely open with every aspect.

Remember, implants aren’t your only option. Sometimes, sagging in the breast might be better solved with a Breast Uplift. There’s no set path in terms of treatment, and it’s important to speak to experts with an open mind as only they know what will give you the results you desire. To book a consultation with our expert surgeons click here

Breast Augmentation at The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic prides itself on ensuring you have the best quality and most comprehensive care:

  • 24 hour patient helpline to ensure you are always in the best of hands.
  • As many post-operative care and appointments with your surgeon and nursing team as you require.
  • Three years cover for all surgical, hospital and nursing care, in case of any medical issue giving you peace of mind.
  • Lifetime guarantee on your implant
  • The Private Clinic offers a unique warranty of £1000 towards surgical costs in case of rupture for 10 years from the date of your operation.
  • Comprehensive Breast Enlargement Patient Guide for you to take away at your appointment.
  • Highly experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeons who have years of experience in Breast Augmentation.
  • Outstanding hospital facilities.
  • Our excellent reputation for patient safety, satisfaction, honest advice and outstanding care means your journey with The Private Clinic will be an exciting experience to a new found shape.
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The breast surgeons at The Private Clinic are experts in their field and have years of experience performing breast procedures:

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