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Over or Under is the traditional option when it comes to choosing your breast implant placement. But it is actually a lot more technical than that and there is usually a variety of different options for you to choose from.

What is Subglandular implant placement?

Over or Subglandular as it may referred to by your plastic surgeon is when your breast implants are placed over the chest or pectoral muscles.
dual plane/ Over or Under the Muscle for breast implants

What are the pros and cons of over the muscle implants?

Pros Cons
Shorter recovery time Not ideal for women with minimal breast tissue
Easier surgical procedure Not ideal for saline implants
Less discomfort post-op May give a ‘fake’ appearance if breast tissue is minimal
Good for women with a moderate amount of breast tissue. Visible ripping may occur over time
Implant distortion risk decreased

What is Dual Plane implant placement?

Dual plane is usually classed as ‘under’ however the implant does not sit completely under the muscle. The upper portion of the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, but the lower portion is left uncovered. Dual plane may also be known as partial submuscular, sub pectoral and the split muscle / split pectoral muscle technique.
Breast Implant Placement option dual plane

What are the pros and cons of Dual Plane implants?

Pros Cons
Can improve breast asymmetry More complicated surgical procedure
Can lift the breast slightly More discomfort may be felt during recovery
More natural result Implants may be prone to distortion when the chest muscle contracts
Reduced risk of implant sagging Temporary loss in chest muscle strength post-op
Easier to have a mammogram
Less risk of implant rippling
Reduced risk of capsular contracture


What is Under the muscle implant placement?

Under or Submuscular is when the breast implant is placed below the pectoralis muscle. It is not commonly performed and usually when surgeons refer to ‘under the muscle’ they actually mean ‘dual plane’ or ‘split muscle’.
under the muscle placement for breast implants

What are the pros and cons of submuscular implants?

Pros Cons
Less risk of implant rippling Implants may feel tight
Implants can sit high on the chest
Implants may change shape with arm and chest muscle movement
Patients can feel chronic pain or discomfort
Longer recovery time
Complicated surgical procedure

What is Subfascial implant placement?

Subfascial implant placement is also not that commonly performed. It involves placing the breast implant beneath a thin layer of fascia which is connective tissue that covers the pectoral muscle. This can be quite a difficult procedure as the fascia is very thin and it can be tricky to cover the entire implant.
breast implant placement subfacial

What are the pros and cons of subfascial implant placement?

Pros Cons
Reduced risk of capsular contracture Difficult procedure
Reduced risk of rippling May experience increased bleeding
More natural looking results Long-term comparative studies still not available
Patients feel less discomfort post-op Potential trauma whilst separating the fascia tissue

What is the most common breast implant placement?

Dual plane is the most common breast implant placement. There are also a few different variations to the dual plane technique which usually varies the amount of coverage that the muscle has over the implant.

How do I know which implant placement is the best for me?

Knowing what implant placement is best for you is a difficult task. Our surgeons are very experienced in offering their advice on implant placement, which is usually based on your breast measurements, amount of natural tissue, size of desired implants and lifestyle impacts. All of our surgeons at The Private Clinic have your best interests at heart and will be able to help you to make an informed decision on the placement of your implants.

Why choose The Private Clinic for Breast Implant surgery?

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