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What are B-Lite Implants?

In the 1880s the methods of enhancing the chest including using ivory, glass balls and sponges made from various synthetic substances. It was not until 1963 that the first silicone-gel-filled implant was introduced and surprisingly, only small changes to the

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How to finance breast implants

In the majority of cases, breast augmentation surgery is not covered on the NHS or by insurance companies as it is an elective surgical procedure. When it comes to paying for a breast implant procedure, you are responsible for the

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Journey of a Breast Augmentation Patient

So what does having a breast augmentation look like exactly? We give you the low down on what you can expect in your journey, going through 10 key stages in your procedure. Preparation Stage: Before your breast augmentation consultation you

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Top 12 Questions about Breast Implants

How long do breast implants last? The average lifespan of a breast implant is 10 years although many women have had their implants in much longer and have had no problems. If there is nothing wrong with your implants after

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New Boob Jobs

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing and new advances in techniques and surgical options are always appearing. Breast enlargement surgery has come a long way since the first silicone breast implants were used for breast augmentation surgery in

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Breast Augmentation in Manchester

As one of the UK’s most common plastic surgery procedures, picking the right surgeon or clinic for breast enlargement surgery Manchester can be difficult. The Private Clinic prides itself on patient satisfaction, outstanding care, medical expertise, honest advice and excellent

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Top Breast Augmentation Bloggers

We thought we would introduce you to some influential bloggers that chose breast enlargement, in order to achieve their personal confidence goals, and of whom decided to share their story. Meet Lucy and Vicky who underwent surgery with The Private

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Breast Enlargement in Bristol

Breast enlargement or augmentation is one of the UK’s most common cosmetic surgery procedures and picking the right surgeon or clinic for the job can be a big task. At The Private Clinic we pride ourselves on our medical expertise,

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Breast Enlargement Before and After Photos

When you are thinking about having a breast augmentation, you will be doing a lot of research to find out more about the procedure and the different decisions that you will have to make. A consultation with a plastic surgeon

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How Height & Weight Impacts your Breast Implant Size

Did you know your height and weight play a part in determining your potential breast implant sizes? Find out the role they play, and achieve an insight into how exactly the ideal breast implant sizes are derived at The Private

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