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Assess your hair loss with the Norwood Scale and see before and after results from your Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons

The Norwood scale is mentioned a lot when it comes to diagnosing the extent of hair loss. It has been used since the 1970s and is quite simply a series of images that depict the different stages of male pattern hair loss.

Visual graphic showing the Norwood Scale of Male Pattern Baldness

The Norwood scale is a topic that comes up often in hair loss consultations and we admit it can be a little confusing on first glance which is why we have come up with a way to help you understand the Norwood types featuring some familiar faces;

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Norwood Type 0

Hair Loss Norwood Type 0

  • Type 0 is often left off the majority of scales used in consultations.
  • It is rare for someone to have a Type 0 hairline, especially adult men and it is debateable if it even exists or not.
  • Norwood 0 hairlines indicate that there is no recession at all and they can sometimes descend slightly at the corners.
  • Even a young boy often has a slight recession along the edges of their hairlines so if your hairline is referred to as Type 0 then you should consider yourself very lucky.
  • A good example to visually show a type 0 hairline is to look at David Schwimmer especially during his time playing Ross from Friends.  Another good example is Simon Cowell in the earlier days.

Norwood Type 1

Hair Loss Norwood Type 1

  • Type 1 hair loss refers to minimal hair loss and is often reminiscent of a juvenile hair line so you most likely have not had any noticeable changes since your youth.
  • A good visual example of a type 1 hairline would be Jay Z, Eminem, Matthew Fox and even Brad Pitt although the latter two are gradually becoming a Type 2.

Norwood Type 2

Hair Loss Norwood Type 2

  • A type 2 hair loss is known as the mature hairline and it is the natural recession that the vast majority of men will experience and unfortunately that is just the natural progression of ageing.
  • You may notice that your hairline has receded by 1 to 1.7cm cm
  • Hairline corners may have also begun to recede resulting in a v shape pattern.
  • At this stage, it is not considered to be male pattern baldness and it is unlikely that you would be considered for a hair transplant.
  • Some visual examples include Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio but most men between the ages of 17 and 30 will be sporting a similar hairline too.

Norwood Type 3

hair loss Norwood Type 3

  • A type 3 hair loss is the first stage when we would consider treating you for a hair transplant.
  • It is known as the first stage of balding and is actually the most common pattern of balding.
  • It can take on a variety of appearances depending on the severity including the M and U-shaped varieties
  • Norwood Type 3 is usually easily treatable and you could be suitable for a Hair Transplant at this stage.
  • At this stage it is also quite easy at this stage to change your style and your hairline to make the balding less noticeable.
  • Some visual examples for a type 3 hairline are Bryan Cranston, Sting and Tom Hanks.

Norwood Type 4

hair loss Norwood Type 4

  • If you have a type 4 hair loss your hairline will have most likely receded quite far back towards the top of your head.
  • You may have also noticed balding areas elsewhere like on the back/crown of your head.
  • A good visual example of this stage of hair loss is actor, Jude Law who has more recently been sporting a fuller head of hair but rumours of a potential hair transplant are still unconfirmed.
Before and after photo showing results of fue hair transplant
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Norwood Type 5

hair loss Norwood Type 5

  • A type 5 hair loss is often defined as having no hair at the front of your head and the balding area on the crowd of your head will be of a larger scale.
  • You are likely to still have hair around the sides of your head.
  • A good visual example of this stage of hair loss is actor Michael Kelly, most notably known for his time playing Doug Stamper from Netflix show House of Cards.
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Norwood Type 6

hair loss Norwood Type 6

  • A type 6 hair loss generally means that your hairline essentially has disappeared and there is only sparse hair remaining on the top of the head.
  • Hair loss around the sides may have extended further.
  • A good visual example of this stage of hair loss is former UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Norwood Type 7

hair loss Norwood Type 7

  • A type 7 hair loss is the most severe stage of hair loss; any remaining hair will take on a typical horseshoe shape around the sides and back of the head.
  • The remaining hair will most likely be fine and sparse.
  • A good visual example of this stage of hair loss is Curb Your Enthusiasm Star, Larry David.

We hope these guides have helped to give you an idea to better understand the Norwood Scale. Your surgeon will be able to explain the Norwood scale and let you know where you score in more detail at your consultation. To find out more about what happens during a hair transplant consultation click here.

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