Why do we get spots?

The vast majority of us will suffer with bad skin at least once in our life; a whopping 80% before the age of 25 and a still significant 10% afterwards. But why? First things first, anyone who has ever suffered with acne will understand that it’s not just down to washing your face properly. For… Continue reading Why do we get spots?

Women and Adult Acne

Most of us would happily rid of a limb or two to look like her, but apparently even actress and model Molly Sims has issues with her appearance. The former Sports Illustrated cover star has spoken publicly about her struggle with adult acne and made it clear that even the most-recognised supermodels can have the same… Continue reading Women and Adult Acne

Acne: N-Lite Laser Treatment vs. Roaccutane

We offer the N-Lite acne treatment but with the release of the Lustre Pure Light Acne treatment onto the market, we wanted to respond to why we offer N-Lite as a superior acne treatment and talk about Roaccutane (contains the active ingredient isotretinoin) – the controversial acne drug. It’s important you explore your options before deciding and… Continue reading Acne: N-Lite Laser Treatment vs. Roaccutane