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Women and Adult Acne

Most of us would happily rid of a limb or two to look like her, but apparently even actress and model Molly Sims has issues with her appearance. The former Sports Illustrated cover star has spoken publicly about her struggle with adult acne and made it clear that even the most-recognised supermodels can have the same qualms as us when it comes to their looks.

Actress and model Molly Sims
Actress and model Molly Sims suffers from adult acne

Now aged 41, she writes ‘‘you would think that it wouldn’t bother me anymore…but, every time a new beast decides to camp out on my face, I can still feel that pit of dread settle in my stomach” – something a surprising number of us can associate with. Statistics suggest that around 50% of women will experience some form of acne in their adult years, and a string of Hollywood’s most glamorous have been known to suffer from the problem including Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham.

The condition is caused by an excess of an oily substance called sebum. Produced in the sebaceous glands, sebum  lubricates the skin to prevent it from drying out and normally rests unnoticed. When too much  is produced, however, the substance mixes with dead skin cells and causes hair follicles to clog, creating the perfect harbouring ground for the skin’s bacteria to make its home. Completely harmless and usually not a problem, the bacteria reacts with the oily blockage and contaminates it creating a result of the unsightly bumps and marks we associate with acne.

Unfortunately, in women at least, there’s one key (and fairly uncontrollable) thing that triggers this sebum frenzy – hormones. While a man’s tend to calm down as he climbs out of puberty, a female’s constantly fluctuates throughout her life, meaning we’re considerably more susceptible to spots in our later years than men – in fact, females make up 80% of the adult population suffering from the condition.

Preventing adult acne is a difficult task; balancing our hormones naturally is as easy as changing the weather, and our body doesn’t always warn us of an impending hormonal imbalance.  Controlling and treating the cause (the bacteria) is, however, perhaps more simple than you’d think, thanks to the progression of revolutionary technology and pioneering skin specialists.

NLite Laser Acne Treatment

At The Private Clinic we’re proud to offer a non-invasive solution to adult acne that has proven results and success. N-Lite is a painless laser treatment that works by destroying the guilty bacteria causing your acne and stimulating your skin’s natural repair mechanism. The treatment is suitable for any skin type and for use on both the face and body, with a result of treated areas appearing noticeably clearer and spot-free.

We might not be able to prevent our skin turning nasty, but treatments like N-Lite are there to help you tackle the condition safely, thoroughly, and effectively. The first step in your quest to clear skin is to speak to an experienced professional who can talk with you about the best treatment method for your skin. Before you make that step know that you are not alone; even supermodels suffer, and there are effective treatments available to help you regain both spot free skin and your confidence.

Before and after shots of our N-Lite acne treatment
Before and after shots of our N-Lite acne treatment
Before and after N-Lite treatment.
Before and after N-Lite laser acne treatment.
Before and after N-Lite laser acne treatment.

N-Lite acne treatment is available in our Harley Street, Birmingham, LeedsBristolManchester and Northampton clinics.

To find out more about acne treatments or to book an appointment with our skin specialists give us a call on 0333 920 2471 or use our acne treatment online contact form.

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