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How to find a good clinic for Hair Transplant Surgery

Finding a clinic that offers the best service can often be a daunting task.  It’s even more confusing if you’re know what you want fixed, but unsure of the treatment options available to you. More importantly, what makes one clinic

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Brow it like Cara: Eyebrow transplants

Cara Delevigne’s super brows have been shaping beauty and fashion trends since the young supermodel rose to fame in 2011, with many women favouring youthful looking, thick eyebrows over thinner, ageing eyebrows. Over-plucking, hereditary hair loss and ageing all contribute to

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The ‘Power Brow’: Eyebrow Hair Transplants Are Booming

The over-plucked look seems to be waning as women turn to ‘power brows’ to replace the tweezers and threading that dominated the 90s onwards. Stylish women like Kate Middleton have helped boost the appeal and look of a noticeable brow,

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The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

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