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How to find a good clinic for Hair Transplant Surgery

Finding a clinic that offers the best service can often be a daunting task.  It’s even more confusing if you’re know what you want fixed, but unsure of the treatment options available to you. More importantly, what makes one clinic different from others? How am I sure I’ll receive the best advice and results?

Hair Transplants before and after photo

Hair restoration treatments like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and U-FUE (Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction) are of the only permanent solutions for thinning  hair, balding and hair loss for men and women, but only a few surgeons are specialised in the most minimally invasive techniques of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and can deliver life-changing results. So what should you consider before booking an appointment with a clinic?

  • Do a fair bit of research: Let’s face it, booking an appointment or consultation without doing a bit of research beforehand is a very bad idea. You’ll need to know exactly what the hair issue is – thinning, alopecia (hair loss) or baldness – and set some realistic expectations in terms of results of the procedure. It would also be good to get a feel of people’s stories and their experiences with clinics and surgeons – this will give you an accurate account of someone who’s been through exactly what you’re researching.
  • “Dodgy deals”: So you’ve collected a handful of clinics to consider for Hair Transplant Surgery. Now here’s the tricky part – how do you separate the experts from the amateurs, those who deliver results from those who only claim to? Well to help narrow your search, simply avoid the daily deals and massively discounted procedures. Seeing an offer of the sort should immediately raise questions about how busy a clinic really is (to need to make an offer like this) and how experienced their doctors are. You should make contact with the clinic and ask about potential consultation and procedure dates – a longer waiting time is sometimes a good thing and tells you how busy the clinic is.
  • Specialist clinics: Clinics that specialise in FUE and U-FUE transplants are far and few between, and these procedures are the only proven minimally invasive methods for restoring hair to the balding areas. Hair Transplant surgery can be a slightly trickier procedure for people with textured hair types (particularly Afro-Caribbean hair) and very few surgeons in the UK are trained in using FUE and U-FUE treatments in this way.
  • Question and question some more: If you’re not ready to see one of our hair transplant surgeons, we offer free advice from our Patient Advisers who’d be able to answer any of your questions and give you some insight as to what to expect moving forward. You should always ask questions about the costs involved, procedure details, your suitability and the availability of surgeons – this information is usually featured on websites, but you might want to double check over the phone. During your consultation, whether with an adviser or doctor, make sure you cover all the information you require – always make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon who will carry out your procedure, and never feel pressured into accepting treatment until you feel confident and reassured that surgeon and clinic is the best choice for you. As the saying goes, an informed patient is the best patient.

The Private Clinic

We have some of Europe’s most experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons at The Private Clinic – Dr Raghu Reddy, Dr Luca De Fazio, Dr Mark Tam, Mr Michail Mouzakis and Mr Doraisami Mohan  They have many years of combined experience in FUE Hair Transplant Surgery and specialise in offering the finest FUE procedures for discrete, undetectable results. For more information on our Hair Restoration Treatments, please visit our treatment page.

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