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Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia can occur due to continual pulling or tugging on the hair by mechanical means, for example braids or hair extensions (see other forms of hair loss section). When hair is continually pulled in a particular area, the follicles slowly degenerate and eventually give up any further growth as the follicle dies.

Black hair tends to suffer a lot more with Tractional Alopecia than European hair due to the frequent use of braids, hairpieces, weaves, extensions, bonding, and hot combing etc. Certain areas of thinning hair will be seen after a while in places like the crown, top and frontal areas, while the scalp can also become quite tender and sore.

Tight braiding can also cause flaky or pustular (spotty) scalp.


This is a bacterial infection of the hair follicles caused by in-grown hair, resulting in inflammation and possible scarring (keloids). This condition can also be caused by extreme and regular clipper use or shaving.

Our Hair loss specialists are highly experienced in dealing with all matters concerning black hair. As well as a team of industry-leading hair transplant surgeons, we have expert trichologists at some clinics to ensure we get to the bottom of your hair loss problem and only go ahead with a solution if it works for you.


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