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Has Donald Trump had a Hair Transplant?

Recent news stories have prompted many questions surrounding Donald Trump’s hairstyle and if he has, in fact, had a hair transplant. Videos show Donald Trump boarding a plane when an unfortunate gust of wind blows his hair revealing, what many

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Hair Transplant – New Hair New You

As the year starts to come to a close we find that we start to analyse ourselves and think about making resolutions, aims and goals for the New Year. A popular decision for many this time of year is to

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FUE Hair Transplant FAQS before during after

FUE Hair Transplant FAQS FUE Hair Transplants have become increasingly popular, they are spoken about a lot more and information about them is much easier to find which is ideal for potential patients to become more informed about the procedure.

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Hair growth cycle after FUE Hair Transplantation

With modern techniques, a Hair Transplant procedure can be performed in as little as a day. But, for most of our patients, it’s not the treatment itself that’s the hard part…it’s waiting for the results afterwards. After a FUE Hair

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