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Rhinoplasty Recovery FAQs

Taking care of yourself after a rhinoplasty is key to achieving the best result. Our surgeons love answering any questions you may have, especially recovery after nose job questions because we want you to feel happy, comfortable and confident during your healing time.

We have picked some of the most popular and common questions but if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon or patient advisor where you can talk in more detail about your concerns.

Will I be in pain straight after the operation?
Your first stage of recovery will be overcoming the side effects caused by the general anaesthetic and medication. You will probably be quite drowsy and the only recommendation is to just relax, take it easy and try and sleep if off. Your pain should be low but if you are feeling any let the nursing team or your surgeon know and they can look at your medication again.

When will I be able to remove the splint?
You will go home in a splint which may feel a little uncomfortable but it is important that this is left on until your nurse or surgeon says otherwise. Normally splints are removed at your 1 week post op appointment. After the splint has been removed your nose will swell slightly so it may be a few more weeks before you see the final result.

Can I blow my nose?
Ideally you should try to avoid blowing your nose for at least three weeks after your surgery. You nose will be feeling very delicate so not only would it be quite painful but blowing your nose could also cause further bleeding and open you up to the risk of infection.

How should I be sleeping?
For the first two weeks you will be advised to avoid sleeping on your side or on your front as this could result in you displacing bones in the bridge of your nose. We recommend sleeping elevated with 2-3 pillows to try and reduce any facial swelling too.

When will I be able to wear my glasses?
If you wear glasses on a daily basis it may be worth looking into getting a supply of contact lenses. Due to the pressure that glasses put on the bridge of the nose we ask that patients avoid wearing them for at least 6 weeks after the operation. Another option is to look for glasses that instead take support on the sides of the nose, these can be worn as soon as it feels comfortable to do so – although check with your surgeon first.

When can I start exercise again?
You should not exercise for at least 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Starting to exercise again too soon could cause unnecessary nose bleeds so it is best to start gradually but avoid any yoga positions for example that cause you to be in a head-stand position or similar.

When can I wear make-up?
Make-up will be fine to wear 1 week after surgery although be very careful applying it if you still have your splint on as you want to be able to keep that area as clean as possible and any leftover make-up could cause your skin to break out.

I feel like my nose is blocked, is this normal?
You may find that trying to breathe through your nose is a little restricted straight after a rhinoplasty. You don’t need to panic however this is just temporary and is mainly due to the swelling in the lining of the nose.  You will find your nose will start to feel clearer and breathing through it will start to come naturally again after 3 to 4 weeks but if you are concerned at any stage don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon or nursing cream.

How soon can I go on holiday?
Ideally you should be keeping out of direct sunlight and avoiding sunbathing for at least 6 weeks post-surgery. If you know you may be in contact with the sun for extended lengths of time then make sure to use a high factor sun cream on and around your nose especially. Sunbathing with a newly reshaped nose could put you at risk of pigmentation which can be permanent so best to avoid sun exposure totally for the first couple of days after surgery although you should still have a cast on at this point so it shouldn’t impact you too much.

The most important thing is to listen to your body for the first two to three weeks during your recovery period. Make sure to eat when you feel hungry and sleep when you feel tired as you need to make sure you are healthy and getting all the rest you need. If you do have any worries about anything during this time don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon or their nursing team and they will be more than happy to help.The Private Clinic
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