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My mum is 68 having suffered Varicose Veins all her life – is there an age limit on treatment?

My mum has suffered terrible varicose veins all her life. She finds them very uncomfortable especially in the summer. I don’t even think I have ever seen wearing a skirt as she hates anybody seeing them. I read about EVLT and I think I could persuade her to finally have this sorted. she is 68. Is there an age limit to have the treatment done however?

Thanks for your enquiry. The simple answer is that there is no age limit to have the treatment done! We have had ladies at the age of 70 before who are thrilled with their result. Why EVLT is a good option for the elderly or those with busy schedules is because of its quick recovery time. Some may think that recovery may take longer when you are elder but this isn’t the case.

In many patients who have varicose veins symptoms experienced can be pain, itching, swelling, irritability, heaviness and damage to the skin of the leg. Many sufferers are embarrassed by the appearance of their varicose veins and often avoid exposing their legs so this is similar to your mother.

I would recommend bringing her into the clinic as she has left the problem for a long time now and symptoms can get worse over time. We can talk through the EVLT procedure with her in detail as having waited so long to have something done about her veins, or even the thought of it, can leave some with a feeling of anxiety/excitement. We’re here to help and inform.

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