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What can we do about female hair loss?

Losing your hair is an emotional experience for anyone, but perhaps even more so for a woman as often a women’s hair can feel like her crowning glory and too see it go can be devastating. Hair loss can often

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In The News: Why Do People Get Cellulite? The Private Clinic Explains

One Venezuelan psychologist seems to think cellulite is down to childhood trauma and repressed creativity. The Private Clinic’s Dr Dennis Wolf was asked to respond by the Daily Mail to such an unusual claim. You can read the full story here. 

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The ‘Power Brow’: Eyebrow Hair Transplants Are Booming

The over-plucked look seems to be waning as women turn to ‘power brows’ to replace the tweezers and threading that dominated the 90s onwards. Stylish women like Kate Middleton have helped boost the appeal and look of a noticeable brow,

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The Pursuit of Perfect Pins: What Are the Perfect Legs and How to Get Them?

Ever wondered what constitutes the perfect pair of pins? Well you wouldn’t be alone… Dr Fahd Benslimane, a plastic surgeon in Morocco, has spent 12 years researching that very topic. After analysing the legs of models, athletes, Greek statues and

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Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe: Twitter Q&A

Last week we held a live Twitter web chat with plastic surgeon, Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe, who took to The Private Clinic Twitter feed to answer your questions about Liposuction, Breast Enhancement procedures using Fat Transfer and Plastic Surgery in general.

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Twitter Q&A: Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe

This Thursday (17th January), we are delighted to welcome world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe, to our Twitter feed as part of a Live Q&A session.

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Megan Fox post pregnancy figure

Actress Megan Fox has become the most recent celebrity to appear in public, weeks after giving birth, sporting a trim size 8 figure.

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Laura Marin: Health and Fitness Twitter Q&A

Last week we were delighted to host a live Twitter Q&A session with health and fitness coach, Laura Marin, who took to the feed to answer all health, fitness and nutrition questions. During the Q&A, Laura was inundated with questions,

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Say bye-bye to false eyelashes

Healthcare company Allergan have thought of it all – having developed Latisse, ‘a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller and darker’, they are looking to release the treatment in the UK.

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Six Packs Are In! Strong Is The New Skinny!

To the ladies chasing the latest celebrity body trends…have no fear…you can eat again!

The word on the grapevine is ‘strong is the new skinny’, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. For too long we have been waiting for the celebs to see sense and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

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