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Six Packs Are In! Strong Is The New Skinny!

To the ladies chasing the latest celebrity body trends…have no fear…you can eat again!

The word on the grapevine is ‘strong is the new skinny’, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. For too long we have been waiting for the celebs to see sense and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Gone are the days when it was the ‘in’ thing to aspire for teeny tiny tummies matchstick legs, now sensible women are shunning size zero frames in favour of tightly packed abs and well-toned arms.

The happy and healthy stars of the big screen, catwalk and tennis court have been pictured hitting beaches all over the world showing off their gym-honed curves and proving you don’t need to be beanpole thin to look fabulous. Celebs who are bucking the trend include, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson and Serena Williams.

Athlete and celebrity trainer, Laura Marin, reveals “For over six years, I ate a fat-free diet. Zero fat. I believed that was the healthiest way to get lean but all that happened was that I felt moody and weak, my skin was dry and much to my disappointment, I was no leaner than before. Needless to say I was frustrated and unhappy, but it still took a while to change that habit. Once I was out of dance world and learned more about nutrition and fitness, I realised that eating fat is essential for good health. Without it we are in danger of missing out on vitamins A,E and D. These fat – soluble vitamins play an important role in our good health. They are vital for our skin, our mood, our brain function, heart health, hormone balance and joints; the key is choosing the right fat. Be selective, those from monounsaturated sources are what you want to include in your diet and these include olive oil, avocados and nuts. Avoid saturated fats which are found in many processed foods as well as meat and dairy products.”

However, here at The Private Clinic we understand that some people, no matter how much effort they put into there diet and exercise regime, may still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t shift – preventing them from having the sculpted look that they strive for.

VASER Liposuction (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) uses the most advanced ultrasound technology to breakdown stubborn fat cells, which are then removed from the area through a suction process.  The ultrasound energy only targets fat cells, leaving all surrounding tissues undamaged, and involves minimal downtime. Our experience tells us that VASER Lipo is the most effective minimally invasive method of removing unwanted fat from your body, created a defined and sculpted area.

The Private Clinic: VASER Lipo

To fit the trend, our specialist Doctors at The Private Clinic have perfected body sculpting with VASER Hi-Def, for those of you who are after the more defined, athletic appearance.

The Private Clinic: Hi-Def

The Private Clinic is a training centre for Advanced VASER Liposuction. We perform close to 100 procedures every month. Our Doctors and medical teams are the most experienced in the country.

For more information about the procedure from our experts, let us know and we will be sure to pass the message on!


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