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Anna Nelson’s Vaser Diary: After the treatment

After my vaser lipo procedure (which you can read about here) I left the clinic with my husband and we headed home. I wasn’t in any pain, but everything felt slightly hazy as if I was walking around in slow motion! I was wearing my black one piece which felt nice and comfy.

I was at first a little hesitant to feel around my abdomen – not sure how it would feel or if it would hurt. Thankfully I did not have to have any drains, as my husband who previously underwent the procedure had had to have, as I remember it didn’t look very comfortable with two straws sticking out!

When we reached home, my husband served me a Caesar salad and I realised just how hungry I was. I’d forgotten all about food after the day I’d had! It tasted lovely but I only sprinkled a tiny bit of the actual dressing on the salad – it just felt SO wrong eating fatty dressings after the surgery!

I slowly touched my belly and it felt firm. I had quite a bit of padding material underneath my compression garment which make my stomach look rather large. It had leaked quite a lot of blood and whatever else comes out, so later in the evening I decided to change the dressing. I stood up with the help of my husband Donavon, slowly unhooking my garment, which by the way, was very VERY tight. Once off, the dressing fell on to the floor and I felt a sudden rush in my head– I’m fainting!

I panicked a little and grabbed Donavon’s hand, trying to sit down on one of our high bar stools in the kitchen. The room was spinning as I tried to regain control. What was happening? Suddenly I remember an incident from when I was little in school – a friend of mine nearly fainted and our teacher made her sit down with her head between her legs, to try to get some more blood in the head. So I tried to do the same – not that easy with a sore stomach AND feeling like I might vomit! I tried to slowly make my way to the toilet but thankfully managed not to so I retreated to the sofa, and wondered if my compression garment might have been a little too tight. With the help of Donavon I put some fresh dressing on. My stomach was flat and very defined – I didn’t have a six pack – but I did have some beautiful lines on each side of the stomach muscles, making it look nice and fit! Hallelujah! I didn’t have a lot of bruising at all, some just underneath my breasts on top of my lower rib cage, and some on the very sides of my stomach. Also a little further down towards my knicker-line which is great because it meant that it wasn’t visible. Fantastic! 3 small hidden marks and two small marks in my bellybutton…that no one will ever see either! I was purring to myself in happiness. And I am now nearly two litres lighter. I wonder how much that will affect my weight!

Donovan and I made our way to our bedroom to watch some TV in bed. I had taken my antibiotics and the painkillers which the clinic had given me. I still felt no pain, just a slight ache and discomfort due to the tight garment. And of course – it was impossible to use my stomach muscles in any way! I manage to fall asleep at last, resting on my back, which unfortunately is not my favourite position to sleep in…I would rather snuggle up tight, with legs curled close to my hubby! I slept ok the first night, not as heavy as I normally would, but that is probably to be expected!

I survived the first night! Bring on day number two!..

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