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Can a FUE Hair Transplant Fix my receding hairline?

Typically, all men will experience a receding hairline as it is just a natural part of ageing. In some cases however your receding hairline could actually be an early warning sign of baldness or balding.

There is a relatively fine line between male pattern baldness and having a mature hairline. From the age of 17 you may notice your hairline receding but the speed and extent that this happens will vary but generally if you notice your hairline receding at more of a rapid rate and further than the standard 1.5cm from your original hairline then you may be experiencing male pattern baldness.

Can a FUE hair transplant restore my natural hairline?

When it comes to restoring your hairline, keeping it natural is the key part. If you were to get your hairline restored to its juvenile status compared to how you generally age, this will begin to look very unnatural as all men will experience their hairline receding gradually as they age.

The Norwood scale is a great method to determine the severity of you hair loss and an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a great way to restore a receding hairline that is on Stage 3 of the Norwood hair loss scale – known as the first stage of balding.

norwood scale receeding hairline fue hair transplant

FUE hair transplant procedure

An FUE hair transplant procedure or follicular unit extraction procedure is an industry leading hair transplantation technique and the type that we most regularly perform here at The Private Clinic.

The FUE technique is a highly specialised technique that is favoured due to its high quality results, minimal scarring and low recovery time post-procedure.

During your procedure, hair follicles will be extracted individually from your donor area which is usually at the back of your head.  Once this first part of the procedure is done, you will move into stage 2 which is where the follicles are implanted into the areas marked out by your surgeon – these are typically your hair line, crown of your head and sides.

It takes a skilled hair transplantation surgeon to carefully plan and mark out your hairline in order to give you the most natural looking result. To read more about how planning of a hair line is important see our previous blog here.

hair transplant fix receding hairline corners before afterdr reddy fue hair transplant before after photoFUE Hair Transplant Before After Dr Mouzakis The Private Clinic

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