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Breast Augmentation Myths Exposed

You hear many things about breast implants and it can often be hard to know what to believe.  If you don’t have any friends of family members with breast implants then you can often fall foul of believing the many myths about them.  Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards and his team of surgical nurses have highlighted the most common myths that many patients often believe before coming in for a consultation.  If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and initially researching the procedure, read on to dispel some of the myths about having breast implants.

#1 You can easily tell when someone has breast implants


This simply isn’t true.  Highly experienced and qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeons know exactly how to place and position implants and ensure that the correct size, shape and placement (above or below the muscle) are right for the patient.  This ensures that results are natural and in proportion to the body shape and size of the patient. It is often only those that have surgery with a less experienced surgeon that may noticeably look like they have implants, as breasts can often be too large, asymmetrical or just badly positioned.  Implants have advanced considerably in recent years and are designed to work with natural breast tissue to look and feel like an extension of the breast.  Aside from looking at someone to determine if they have implants, it is often just as difficult to tell by touch, unless there are very visible scars under the bust line, which is uncommon, then you would be very hard pushed to know if someone has breast implants by touching the breasts.

#2 Implants can burst on flights

Absolutely not!  This myth has been around for years and still gets asked in consultations.  There is no possible way that implants can burst while you are on a flight.  Implants have developed not only in their ability to deliver a natural appearance but also in their durability.  Implants are extremely strong and cannot easily be torn or burst.  Mr Richards recently took part in the Nagor twist challenge to try and burst an implant, even after resorting to using a hammer and he could not tear or damage the implant.

#3 All implants will need to be replaced at some point in your life

This isn’t the case for everyone.  Most women make the decision to replace their implants after 12 to 15 years, however, if you haven’t experienced any problems with your implants there is no reason to replace them.  It really is a personal choice, if you are not having any issues with your implants you can keep them in for as long as you want.  Many women feel that they want to replace them or remove them as they are at a different stage in their life and want a different look or their implants do not match their current body shape.  This is a common reason to change and many woman look to change the size or shape of the implant or to have a lift while replacing the implants.

#4 You won’t be able to breastfeed

Wrong.  There is no reason that you can’t breastfeed following breast augmentation surgery.  As long as the nipples have not been touched (for example getting nipple reduction or inverted nipple correction with your augmentation) then your ability to breastfeed should not be affected by breast augmentation surgery.  It is perfectly natural and safe to breastfeed if you have implants.  If you consider that baby bottle teats are made of silicon, which many implants are made from you can appreciate that implants will not pose any risk to your baby when breastfeeding.  If you have an uplift with your augmentation this could affect your ability to breastfeed, however, this really depends on the approach the surgeon uses for the procedure.

#5 You can’t have a mammogram

Not true.  A woman with breast implants can have a mammogram just like any other woman.  You just need to let them know that you have implants in advance of your scan as a different type of machine or a different technique may need to be used to ensure you get an accurate scan.

#6 Implants can freeze in cold temperatures

No.  Implants cannot freeze in the cold or melt in the heat!  In extremely cold temperatures the breasts may feel colder to touch, however not significantly colder than a woman with natural breasts.

#7 Implants can be detected in a scanner at the airport

No.  Airport scanners are good, but not that good! Breast implants cannot be detected when you walk through an airport security scanner and you do not need to announce that you have implants to anyone that works there unless specifically asked. You also do not require any type of medical note to declare that you have breast implants although you may wish to take a copy of the details of your breast implants just in case anything was to happen whilst you are away and you require that information.

#8 Implants have to be removed if you are buried or cremated

Not if you don’t want them to be.  A bit of a morbid thought, but you do not need to have your implants removed when you are buried or cremated. Some people do request to have their implants removed however so it is a personal choice.  You can be buried with your implants or, if cremated, the implants will be left at the bottom of the cremation chamber, so both options are not impacted by having breast implants.

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