Skin Tags, Warts & Verrucas

The Problem

Skin tags, warts and verrucas are a highly common occurrence, but often an unwanted one. It is estimated that up to half the population have a skin tag or wart, and most of us will encounter a verruca at some point during our life. While the vast majority are harmless, they can sometimes cause pain or annoyance by catching on clothes.

Skin Tag, Wart & Verruca Removal

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, smooth, brown or flesh-coloured growths attached to your skin by a stalk. They often develop in (though are not limited to) the armpit, chest, neck or groin region, and can vary in size from 1 or 2 mm to around 1-2 cm. Skin tags are not contagious and it is thought that they develop from the area rubbing against clothing and other skin, meaning they will not spread from contact.

What are warts?

Warts can appear similar to skin tags. Viral cutaneous warts can occur anywhere on the skin, commonly on the face and neck. They can be small, soft and fleshy with ‘fingerlike’ projections from the skin.  Warts can also occur on the hands and feet where they are often irregular in texture with a rough surface and normally lie flat against the skin.Warts can be contagious and are able to spread across the skin, meaning groups of the growths can sometimes develop across the skin.

What are Vurrucas?

Verrucas (or verrucae) form on the sole of the foot and are often picked up at swimming pools or places where you may walk around barefoot. They are a form of wart which has been pressed into the body by the weight and pressure put onto it. While they are harmless, they can cause pain or discomfort and are highly contagious, meaning sufferers should not walk around barefoot in public for risk of spreading the infection.

Verruca and wart removal is available at our clinic in Harley street, London. Book a consultation with our best consultant dermatologist to find out more.

The Problem

Skin tags, warts and verrucas are a highly common occurrence, but often an unwanted one. It is estimated that up to half the population have a skin tag or wart, and most of us will encounter a verruca at some point during our life. While the vast majority are harmless, they can sometimes cause pain or annoyance by catching on clothes.

Depending on the nature of your skin tag, verruca or wart, we offer several different treatments for their removal:


Cryotherapy is a popular method of removal for all three forms of growth, it is a simple . It works by essentially freezing off the tag, wart or verruca through the delicate application of extreme cold to the area. This freezes the cells within the growth, meaning its blood supply is blocked. Following treatment a blister will normally form in the area which will turn into a scab and fall off within about 7-10 days, leaving your skin lesion free.

A cryotherapy session will normally last around 5-10 minutes and it is particularly useful for multiple growths, though the treatment can sometimes cause pain. While it is a relatively simple procedure, it is very precise and should therefore only be carried out by an experienced professional. Damage can occur to the surrounding skin if the treatment is not performed correctly. Occasionally, repeat treatments are required.

Verruca, Wart or Skin Tag Excision

Excision is often reserved for larger skin tags or warts that are not suitable for cryotherapy, though it can be used on those that are smaller and is commonly chosen when a doctor or dermatologist wants to send the sample for examination (biopsy).  Excision of verrucae is not a common occurrence, but it may be necessary if your lesion has not responded to other treatments and your dermatologist believes it necessary.

In the procedure, the growth is removed  using a curette or scalpel, , and the treatment is often performed under local anaesthetic to minimise pain and discomfort. Excision is not frequently used for warts or verrucae, but your dermatologist will explain thoroughly if it is the best method for removal.

Curettage and Cautery

Curettage and cautery is often used for warts, tags and occasionally  veruccas, that have not responded to cryotherapy. The treatment involves a sharp, spoon-like instrument called a curette that is used to scrape off the growth before the wound is sealed (cauterised), normally through the use of heat.

Local anaesthetic will normally be used during the treatment, and the wound will commonly be left open afterwards to heal. The wound should be gone within two to three weeks, though your dermatologist will thoroughly advise on your recovery.

The Results

Depending on the nature of your skin tag, wart or verruca and the method chosen, your skin should be clear within 1-3 weeks. Though the treatment methods have been chosen for their decreased risk of scarring, your dermatologist will advise on any potential risks following treatment. Scars can sometimes be unavoidable, particularly for larger tags or warts, and it is important to remember this when opting for treatment.

While skin tags will very rarely reoccur, tags can still appear elsewhere on the body. Wart and verruca recurrence is more common than that of tags, though your dermatologist will work closely with you to prevent this.

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Led by one of the UK’s leading dermatologists, Dr. Rishika Sinha forms part of our expert skin team to give you a treatment that’s personal to you. We’ll guide you through your options and explain every part of the process to ensure you get the results you want and are thoroughly happy throughout. Dr. Rishika Sinha currently operates out of our London Harley Street clinic.

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I would like to express my thanks to The Private Clinic Bristol. In particular, my patient coordinator Chantelle who has been fantastic in arranging my procedure and taking the time to explain the finer details to me. She has made me feel in safe hands & I would have no qualms in recommending Chantelle herself or The Private Clinic in Bristol for any kind of procedure or initial consultation. Chantelle offered nothing short of a 5* service. I’m a very happy patient.

Lewis, Bristol

“Excellent treatment, both doctor and nurse were superb. Wonderful patient treatment and aftercare” *


‘I just wanted to drop a short note to you regarding my visit last week. I saw Dr Rishika Sinha who, along with the nurse (Marie) working with her, dealt with a problem with my foot. Both individuals were extremely polite, and gave me confidence that I was in good hands. Dr Sinha explained what the issue was, and removed the tissue quickly and painlessly. I received a follow up call with my test results in less than 48 hours. Both individuals are a credit to your business, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.’




The cost of an appointment with our Consultant Dermatologist is £200.

Depending on the treatment course offered for your concerns, warts, verrucas and skin tag treatment costs range from £120 for Cryotherapy, £300 for Curettage and Cautery and around £600 for surgical excision.

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